019 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Mike McFadden Interview – Golf Instruction, Club Fitting, and PLAYING To Learn!

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Welcome to Episode 19 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  The podcast dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

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Interview with Mike McFadden – 30 year PGA Golf Professional, Custom Club Fitter, and Sports Director at the Jakobsberg Hotel and Golf Resort in Jakobsberg, Germany

  How Mike became interested in custom club fitting.

  What is more important – the Archer or the Arrow?

  Mike's views on what is wrong with the golf industry today.

  Why are golfers not having enough fun and not improving more?

  Mike's Personal Recipe for Success for aspiring golfers.

What a way to end the Podcast Year – Thanks Mike!

Useful Web Links:

To learn more about Mike at True Custom Fitting – Click HERE!

To learn about the Jakobsberg Hotel and Golf Resort – Click HERE!

Happy 2015!!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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5 thoughts on “019 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Mike McFadden Interview – Golf Instruction, Club Fitting, and PLAYING To Learn!

  1. Great podcast Tony & Mike!

    Great info and wonderful insights from Mike about the “game” of golf. It is a game and should be fun. It’s a fun game, and a difficult game. As Mike says, make sure you have sound swing fundamentals, make sure your clubs fit you… and then practice, have fun… it’s about the process, not the result! Great thoughts Mike!

    Mike’s enthusiasm is infectious.. you can hear his love for the game in his voice.

    Another great podcast Tony!

    • Kevin I am glad you enjoyed this Podcast. Listening to folks like Mike makes that easy to remember what golf should be about!

  2. Hi Tony,
    I must say I was just a little sceptical at first, because I have never done a PodCast before, but I had a great time. Listening to it, we did good! My first impression was, wow this guy is excited, where does he get all that energy. Oh, that is me. But, behind all the emotion, there is some useful information. We did get off track a few times and that is kind of the beauty of the format. I think being in Germany, I qualify as the longest of the long distance speakers to date, or?

    Tony, I thought I would take to time to add a few things that might have been lost in translation or to just sum everything up.

    Golf is a an activity, a game to be played, not a subject to be taught. We need to move from the “what to learn” – content driven – detection and correction – get it right mentality, to a far more enjoyable environment filled with no mistakes, risk taking and the “how to learn” mentality of self discovery.

    Golfers need to relearn “How to Practice”. Just hitting a lot balls is not the answer. The way you practice has a strong influence on the rate at which you improve and determines how permanent or lasting the changes will be. In the beginning, you need good fundamentals. Before you swing it is all about Grip, Aim, Stance & Posture. The most important fundamentals of the actual swinging motion are not that complicated. They are = Understanding and Controlling the Club Face, Understanding and Controlling the Shaft, and Timing. To me, these are the aspects that make the golf swing – the golf swing. If these things are not “conceptionally and functionally” in order, and there is a lot of leeway here for personal preference and style, you must first take care of them before you move on. It should not take long to do so, seek out guidance and support from a qualified PGA Professional. Here is where I can not stress enough that properly fitted equipment makes the above mentioned fundamentals so much easier to learn. Before you start, you must get professionally fit. Now comes the fun
    First things first, you must choose to have fun. After all, golf is a game that we play. We are very fortunate that we have the luxury to do so. Not everyone is so lucky. It is a big step, but take responsibility for the pleasure you are going to have while improving. It really is nothing more than a conscious decision that you need to make. Choose to have fun!
    The next step is to design a training program, in all areas of the game, that closely resembles playing golf. Rule number 1. = Never hit more than three balls with the same club to the same target. Golf is played in ever changing conditions, no two shots are the same. Practice like this. Constantly vary something. The club, the target, the landing area, the curve, the height, the trajectory, the size of the swing, the speed of the swing, ball position, center of gravity, I could go on and on. At the root on this concept lies the fact that stabilisation is stronger when learned through variation. One of the main reasons that golfers do not like to practice this way is that they conceive it to be harder and there is less immediate success. The key here is to find the right degree of difficulty for your skill level. I like using the 30-50% rule at the start of any new task. If you are successful with the task at hand less than 30% of the time, it is probably too difficult for your current skill level and you need to make it easier. If you are successful with the task at hand more than 50% of the time, it is probably too easy for your current skill level and you need to make it harder. There are a bundle of ways to do this. Once you swallow the fact that practicing this way is better and unsuccessful attempts (what most golfers like calling bad shots) are good for learning, it starts to be fun. When practicing like this, fall in love with the process not the results. Remember, the task leads to the solution.

    Tony, my friend, thank you again for putting so much time, energy and resources in sharing valuable information with anyone interested. I know, I am just repeating what I wrote 10 months ago. But, I believe it is worth saying again. When I relive the interview and read what I just wrote, we need to do another PodCast. Maybe in the Spring, on exactly “How” to practice. We could take a subject, say the Driver, and go through a bunch of specific practice tasks to improve performance.

    All the best,

    • Mike thanks for the wonderful reply. I am all yours to do another Podcast on How To Practice. You just let me know the timing that will work for you. Happy New Year!

      • I would love for you two to do another podcast! As I mentioned before, mike’s enthusiasm is infectious and it really come out in the podcast and Mike’s written words. We need to always keep that in mind. Golf should be fun … And learning (through success or failure) should be fun!