089 – Make Putting Great Again! – Jamie Donaldson Interview

Jamie Donaldson Shares AimPoint Express Information

To Help Golfers “Make Putting Great Again!”

Make Putting Great Again!

Welcome to Episode 89 of The Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on True Custom Club Fitting, Short Game Improvement, and Effective Practice Techniques.  Bringing You The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – and Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes:

Interview with Jamie Donaldson Europe’s Senior AimPoint Green Reading Instructor.

  • Jamie talks about how he “took the plunge” to become Europe’s first AimPoint Putting Coach.
  • He shares interesting perspectives on the benefits of using the AimPoint Express green reading process.
  • Jamie talks about some tasks and drills that he assigns golfers to work on after an AimPoint Express class.
  • He discusses helping Tour Players to understand and adopt AimPoint Express.
  • Jamie also shares helping high-handicap golfers (15 handicap and above) to use AimPoint Green Reading to putt their best.
  • He shares his knowledge on how grain in greens can influence an AimPoint Express read.  (LISTEN CAREFULLY!)
  • Jamie shares some of his most satisfying AimPoint Express coaching experiences.
  • Finally – Jamie provides some Final Words on additional tasks golfers can do to improve their putting through improved green reading.

Wonderful Information For Golfers – Thanks Jamie!!

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To learn more about Jamie Donaldson – Click HERE!

To connect with Jamie on Twitter – @golfdonaldson

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Bringing You The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!


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  • olufsphere

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for an awesome podcast.

    I’m a 12 handicap player that started using Aimpoint back in the Aimchart days and have since transitioned to Express.
    I’m not a great putter, but since I started Aimpoint, my putts-per-round statistic has dropped by 4 shots. “True” 1-putts (from Greens in regulation) has improved, and 3-putting is a very rare event now.

    One of the beautiful things about Aimpoint is, that you can choose to just “believe” in the system and use it with full confidence, or you can choose to “understand” the system and apply this understanding to the analysis of your putting game. So if you’re at “feel player”, you can trust what you feel, and if you’re Bryson Dechambeau, you can work the maths and learn from that.

    For me, the absolute top benefit from learning Aimpoint is understanding why I miss putts. Understanding the physics involved makes it clear, whether you miss because you under- or overread, have the wrong speed, the wrong aim or whether you push or pull your putts. This in turn tells you exactly what to go practice in your putting.

    When you take it to the course, there is a short period of “getting used to the process”. Once you get used to it, most of the reading will happen during the normal flow of play. I usually make an effort to go quickly to my ball once on the green. Before marking it, I read the break at the ball position. Then I walk on the low side of the break (where the ball will never go, since I will aim to the high side) towards the hole, and – depending on the lenght of the putt, make 1 or 2 more reads and a final read as I reach the flagstick. Then I will pick up the flagstick and put it aside. Most often the other players in the flight are fiddling around with their own reads at the same time, and don’t even notice what I’m doing. While the other players are putting, I can find time to put up my fingers, find my aimpoint and line up the ball. When I’m up, I take a practice swing, take my stance, hit the putt. Takes next to no time at all. I’m not spending my time at the ball walking round the hole, looking at it from all sides, plumb-bobbing myself into complete confusion. All my reading is done as part of the normal flow on the green. Very rarely do I miss more than a tap-in or a short return putt (which Aimpoint has standard reads for), so very rarely do I have to spend time reading the return, unlike the plumb-bobbers spiderman green-readers, who so often underread the putts, hit it too hard to compensate and leave themselves a 6-foot tester for the return putt.

    The amount of times I have heard frustrated players talking about how “lucky” I am, sinking all those putts without really taking it seriously, or “if you spent more time reading the greens, you could be a really great putter” can’t be counted on my fingers and toes.

    Spending a couple of hours with Jamie Donaldson or one of the other certified instructors is absolutely worth the money, and taking part in the Aimpoint community will keep you learning. Sweeney and Donaldson are always happy to answer questions and help their students.

    • AWrightDISQ

      Hi thanks for your note and it is exciting to hear the great success you have had with using AimPoint Express!