2015 Golf Trip – Day Four

Pink Ball Day – What, Pressure?

Pink Ball

Today we played at Stone Creek Golf Course in Ocala, and it was "Pink Ball" Day.  Each golfer in a foursome has to play the "pink ball" every four holes, and their score counts no matter what.  Very windy conditions today.

I played the pink ball 5 times, and I think my net score with it for the five holes was 4 over par. Not exceptional for sure.  But if I had done this in the past, I would have beaten myself up about not doing well and that would have affected the rest of my game.  Today I did not let any missed shots keep me from enjoying my golf round.  

I shot 43 – 41 today – 84.  I drove the ball well today, and putted much better than the other 3 days.  I hit two poor bunker shots that lead to double bogies.

My best shot of the day was a pitching wedge from the edge of the water on a par 5.  I hit a drive that I thought was in the middle of the fairway but it rolled to the right and almost went in the water.  I big-time concentrated on hitting a good wedge shot to get back to the fairway, and made par on the hole.

Tomorrow is our last day in Ocala – we play Ocala National which we have never played before, and it is supposed to be challenging.  Should be fun!

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