2015 Golf Trip – Day Three

Did I PLAY Well?

Today we played an enjoyable course, Juliette Falls in Ocala, FL.  I was 4 over par after 8 holes (after making a good birdie on #6) and doing pretty well.  And then not so well.  Shot 42 – 46 = 88 and only had 1 par on the last 9 holes.  Not my best scoring day, and did not enjoy the last 9 holes very much.

I think I 3 putted probably 6 greens today, simply could not feel the speed on long putts.  Near the end of round, I realized I was being too "handsy" on long putts and this will make it difficult to control speed.

When I got back to my hotel room, I received an email from a friend in Knoxville who asked me "did I play well?"  And boy then it hit me.  I did NOT play well.  Play should have nothing to do with the score, play should be all about hitting each shot as best as you can, learning from it, moving on, and loving the great shots.  No – I did not PLAY well.  And hope I learn from that for tomorrow.

I did LEARN something – remembering to control my stroke with my shoulders and not my hands – that I believe will help my golf tomorrow.  That was good!

Tomorrow is Pink Ball Game Day – should be fun!

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Two

Kinderlou Forest – Wow Again!

KLForest hole4

Kinderlou Forest in Valdosta, GA provides a great golfing experience.  I scored well for me today – 40 (with 2 birdies and 2 doubles) – 43 for 83, if not my best, close to my best round ever here.

Two things stuck out for me today.  First again playing hole #4 – the toughest and most beautiful par 5 I get to play on this trip.  This picture does not do it justice.  It goes straight uphill for about the last 200 yards with a large ravine to the right.  I have never shot a par on this hole – and today double bogied it.  So it won again – but it should have!  I love this hole.

The second thing was a par 5 on the back.  I had made 4 bogies in a row, hit a great drive, had 200 yards to the green that doglegs right.  I made a poor swing and cut a 7 wood into the trees to right.  Tough little 40 yard low punch to get on the back of green to the right – I picked a landing target and paid super attention to making a good swing (remembered yesterday when missed a similar shot to make double).  I hit a great punch on the back of the green.  My best shot of the day.

My focus on targets was not as good as yesterday.  But I was pleased that I shot 40 on the front with 2 double bogies….hung in!  Just a great day of golf on a great golf course.

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2015 Golf Trip – Day One!

Lots Of Positives Today

Well this Golf Trip Day One mini-post comes later than I hoped.  We played Houston Lakes Golf Course in Perry, GA today.  My score was 41 – 45 = 86.  But score will always be what it is.  Today I had a target for every shot, cheered to myself when I hit a great shot (a number of times), and thought about what I did not do well when I missed some shots (a number of times also) and then let the shots go.  More missed short putts and more pushed drives that I would like.  But overall a fun day.

What I enjoyed the most today was picking a specific landing target for each short shot.  That made a difference.

Three double bogies in a row near the end of the round kept me from a score I would have been more pleased with.  Why? – each time I put two poor shots in a row together.

But my goal for the week is to attend to things that in the past have kept me from the potential to score well.  So I think it was a good start to the week.

Tomorrow playing a course that I love – Kinderlou Forest in Valdosta, GA.  Excited about the challenge.

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Mizuno Golf Professional Clubfitter Training Day

Yesterday I spent the day in Norcross, GA with Bill Price – the Custom Fit Program Manager at Mizuno Golf – and members of his staff.  Mizuno sponsors 1-Day training sessions for its professional club fitters.

Bill spent a lot of time talking about how fitters can use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer Tool.  This tool measures 5 key data points of the golf swing, and provides recommendations for the best shaft for a golfer based on these measurements.  My experience with this tool is that It Works – it provides some great starting point shaft and flex options for golfers.  Bill talked about the technical basis for the tool, and also provided lots of examples about how to use the tool for a wide range of golfers.

Bill also talked a new Wedge Optimizer Software addition to the overall Mizuno fitting software.  Mizuno now has about 25 different wedge head options in terms of loft and bounce – and the Optimizer Software can be used to find the best wedges for golfers to get the right distance gaps for their wedge shots.

Overall – great day of learning.  Thanks Mizuno and Bill!!

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2015 PGA Equipment Show – Day Two!

Flightscope Certification Class


Just a brief note from the 2015 PGA Equipment Show.  Today I attended a Flightscope Launch Monitor Certification Class.  This class was held at the location of the PGA Equipment Show Demo Day.  A good day of learning, I will share more about today sometime in the future.

8,000 steps with my Fitbit today – WAY more than that tomorrow!

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Next Podcast Published Tuesday December 2

Because we are on Thanksgiving Holiday, the next Golf Improvement Podcast will not be published until Tuesday December 2.  See you then!