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The 2018 World Long Drive Competition was – as usual – amazing. Watch THIS LINK for the men’s finals match.  I have just a few comments…

  • First – for the winning drive – look at the maximum height of the shot – 170 feet.  PGA tour average for max height is about 100 feet.  These guys hit shots that go Up And Up!
  • Second – I WISH they would also show Face and Path at Impact data – THAT would be interesting to see!!
  • Finally – early in the Finals show one of the announcers said that Driver Smash Factor is a big deal for these guys.  Well, typical maximum Smash Factor for drives is 1.50.  The Smash Factor for Justin James winning drive – 1.52.  If YOUR driver Smash Factor is less than 1.45 you are giving up yards – Be Fit To Find Out!!


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My Weekend “Over The Edge” Challenge!

Yes, I DID Go “Over The Edge” This Past Saturday!!

Over The Edge What I did this weekend was personal, but so powerful for me that I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.  About a month ago, I learned about a challenge called “Over The Edge” – a benefit for a wonderful charity in Knoxville – The Restoration House.  See that small figure high in the air in the picture above? – that is me at the start of rappelling down a 12-story building in Knoxville, TN.  I am afraid of heights – I have never rappelled before.  Really? 

I cannot say I got down with the greatest of form (maybe next time?), but I did and it was an amazing rush.  So much so that I was totally worn out the rest of the day – wow, did adrenaline kick in!   But on the back end of this – today – I feel a sense of calm I am not sure I can ever remember having.  Not that I will have to tackle even more difficult things – but that somehow I was able to do this.

Back to more golf improvement related topics next week – though I wonder, is there something of value for your golf in Challenging Yourself To Do Things You Never Could Imagine Yourself Doing?

The Custom Club Fitting Experience

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A Week On The AGCP Forum!

Continuous Learning On The AGCP Forum

AGCP Forum

This week I thought I would give you a little taste of some of the things what we discuss on the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) on-line forum. Below are a few of the topics that were brought up and discussed last week…

  • Putter balance points and shaft flexes – influence on putting performance.
  • How to increase golf club smash factor and distance.
  • Long drive club heads – what are some of the best.
  • Driver lengths – discussion of recent published articles.
  • Estimating maximum possible driving distance for golfers.
  • Optimal iron launch angles and influence on shot performance.

Pretty much a typical week of discussion topics and sharing of information to help AGCP members improve as True Custom Fitters.

Why do I mention this?  Well – “custom club fitting” has become a set of buzz words – and true custom fitting is great for all golfers.  

But just because someone SAYS they are a custom fitter does not mean they are. If you are considering a “custom fitter” – maybe a good thing to ask is What Do You Do To Improve Your Custom Fitting Skills Every Day?  

A fair question I think – and hey – YOU are the one who wants to Shoot Lower Scores!

To find an AGCP True Custom Clubfitter in your area – Click HERE!

The Custom Club Fitting Experience

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Don’t Ignore Golf Club Iron Length!

Ignore Attention To Golf Club Iron Length

At Your Game’s Peril!

Golf Club Iron Length

The above chart is from the classic and still relevant Tom Wishon 12 Myths Booklet.  It is used by many professional club fitters to obtain an initial estimate of the iron length that a golfer should be playing with.  Have you seen it before?

About a month ago, I received an email from a parent of a VERY talented female player.  He asked if I had any ideas about why she was having troubles hitting her longer irons.  I quickly suggested she grip down her irons by about a half inch – he told me the problem went away for her.  He also said he often wondered if it was correct for her to play with men’s length clubs.  Hum…

Over the past few weeks, I think I have had a half dozen requests to test for club length.  It is easy for a golfer to realize when he is playing with clubs that are too long – but often more difficult to realize when he is playing with clubs are too short. In EITHER case – playing with incorrect length clubs is a great way to help you groove a non-athletic swing.  More than that – getting the right club length for you is one of the easiest custom fitting areas to get correct.

Sometimes shorter clubs – created by cutting down an existing set – will feel too light, and not perform well.  But reweighting the clubs to get the right feel and performance – at the right length – is a very simple thing to do for an accomplished professional club fitter and club builder.

In closing today – see this link about a pretty well-known golfer who plays with shorter than standard length irons (he is 5 foot 9 inches tall by the way…)

Rickie Fowler’s Golf Clubs!


So – What Is YOUR Wrist-To-Floor Measurement? – Let Me Know By Comment To This Post!!


The Custom Club Fitting Experience 

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The Custom Clubfitting Experience Of Your Life!

The Custom Clubfitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores – ALWAYS!

The Custom Clubfitting Experience Of Your Life4:38 am this morning – July 10.  For the past week, I have been attempting to articulate the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for Game Improvement Golf. The UVP of a business is how that business solves the needs of customers – and what distinguishes, and is unique about, that business from the "competition."  Well, the answer woke me up this morning, and here it is.  When you, Mr. Golfer, visit me for a custom fitting, you get…

The Custom Clubfitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores – ALWAYS!

My goal with EVERY golfer I see is to help you Shoot Lower Scores.  And the experience you will have with me in driver / fairway wood / hybrid / iron / wedge / and putter fittings – and putting coaching – is unlike anything you will experience with anyone else in the East Tennessee area.

My focus each and every day is to make these words come to life for every golfer who I fit, see, and help.

You will see lots of new looks on my web site – my business card – and anything I use to make golfers aware that I am obsessed with helping you have…

The Custom Clubfitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores – ALWAYS!


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A Golf Grip WOW Story!

New Golf Grips And A

Great Golf Round!!

Golf Grip

I just have to share this neat little story with you!  I regripped a set of clubs for a friend about a week or so ago.  He played golf the next day, and called me after he had finished – and then I asked him to write down what he told me…

I had Tony re-grip my clubs about two weeks ago. He did a careful job of showing me a variety of grips so I could get the feel of various textures and sizes. Once we settled on what I liked best he did a quick and professional job of replacing my grips and I am well pleased.  One additional fact that I can’t totally credit Tony for is that the first time I played with my new grips (at Centennial Golf Club) I shot 2 over par on the front nine. FYI, I have NEVER before shot 2 over. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Well WOW – you talk about a great result!  I am sure that the new grips were not close the whole story related to his great round of golf – some element of playing relaxed and with confidence had to be in there.  But I am STILL smiling as I read what he wrote.  Life Is Good!


COMING SOON! The Game Improvement Golf Resource Guide!!


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Big Putter Grips – Why?

Big Putter Grips?

Ask Yourself The Right Questions!

Big Putter GripsWe all want a Magic Bullet to improve some part of our golf game – and often the most looked for area is putting.  Big Putter Grips are one of these potential Magic Bullets for golfers – but you should be a little careful to ask yourself WHY you think this will help you.

A good example comes from a putting instruction session I did this weekend.  This golfer has been struggling making putts, and decided to put a very large putter grip on his putter to "help him take his hands out of his stroke."  This is the reason I typically hear for making a decision to play with a large putter grip – but sometimes it may not be the right choice to help golfers putt their best.

In this case, one of the golfer's struggles was with Speed Control.  Not only did he look very tense in his putting setup, but he would "add a little extra" to his stroke – add velocity – after impact.  I suggested he consider that the big grip was not allowing him to naturally create speed in his putting stroke.  I had him try a smaller putter grip – and you could immediately see this felt better for him and he was more relaxed.  He still has some work to do to get rid of that "extra speed" after impact, but he now will have a grip that is a better fit for him.

"Taking Your Hands Out Of Your Stroke?" – well, maybe – but perhaps you can go too far in that.  We hold the putter in our hands  Our hands can help us – when we make good, natural putting strokes – to be Putting Artists.  So consider these thoughts and questions if you are thinking of putting a very large grip on your putter…

  • Will taking your hands out of your stroke improve your speed control and ability to make putts – or will it possibly promote you making a more mechanical, less effective putting stroke?
  • If you change to a larger putter grip, what does that grip weigh and does any change in weight affect your feel in your putting stroke?  Some larger putter grips weigh as much as 60 grams more than conventional smaller putter grips.

  • Finally – did you experiment and test, or just putt a new grip on the putter and hope for better results?  Putting performance is important! – take the time to investigate some different grip options.  Who knows, you might be surprised at the grip that works best for YOU!!

Club Fitting – NOT Club Selling!


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Putting Improvement eBook Revisited!

Taking A Fresh Look At My

Putting Improvement eBook!

Putting Improvement eBook

In March 2014, I published "It's Time YOU Improved Your Putting!" – a free ebook available as a download from my web site.  It seemed like a good time to take a fresh look at the information in the eBook, and see if I think there are any tweeks that might be worthwhile to make in it.

  • The majority of the content in the eBook is in my view still right on the mark. Three chapters in the eBook that I still strongly agree with Take Your Daily Putting Vitamin, Zero In For Success, and Be Your Putting Best Friend.
  • I fully endorse, for example, that to become a great putter you need to put in the time and practice.  But, to me, even if you cannot spend a least an hour or more a week on your putting – 10 minutes of daily purposeful practice in your basement will help you improve.

  • I had an experience in my daily basement putting practice – and yes I do this – that was a wakeup call for me last week.  I have a 3 foot and 5 foot  putting setup where I putt to a PuttOut training aid (which I love, by the way).  Well, just for fun I thought I would practice without Puttout – putting to a small piece of tape (1/2 inch wide) that I use for locating the PuttOut.  3 putts each from 3 and 5 feet – EVERY one was dead center on the target.  Whoa!  So creating small targets in your putting – and even for long putts – I think can pay benefits.

  • There were two chapters in the eBook – No More Putting Divorces, and Straight Is Great.  After my time learning from David Orr from the Flatstick Academy, I am not so sure that there is one putter toe-hang style that is best for a particular type of golfer's stroke.  And – while for many golfers putting a putting grip on "straight" is the best thing to do – I am now open to installing putter grips that are turned one way or the other to fit a golfer's putting style.

On balance then, many golfers will still get great benefit from reading this eBook.  Here is the link where you can download it (if you have not done so already)…

Download "It's Time YOU Improve Your Putting!"

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Happy Memorial Day!

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Square Clubface – Straighter and Longer Shots!

Can Having A Square Clubface

At Address Really Matter?

Square Clubface

Well, having a square clubface at address was not going to be today's blog post topic – but the fitting session I just finished was just too neat to not talk about!

I am working with a good golfer who had surgery 2 years ago and who is getting back into golf.  We have been doing an hour-at-a-time fitting.  Today was the second session.

Almost all of his shots have been a small push or a little slice to the right.  We tested a number of different shafts, heads, lie angles, lengths.  Just about every shot to the right.

This type of shot pattern usually results from a face-to-path difference often in the range of 6 degrees.  For him, often path 4 degrees left, face 2 degrees right.

SO! – I wondered – could he actually be aiming his clubface to the right?  We checked – and for HIM this was important.  He did not realize he had his face open at address. Square face – smaller face to path difference at impact – straighter shots – more distance – almost immediately.  Now he is going back to practice this and get it locked in – and we will be able to finish the fitting in our next session.

Little things, little things – how much they can matter never ceases to amaze me!


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