Nerf Dart Putting Aid!

Use A "Nerf Dart Putting Aid" And Improve

Your Indoor Putting Practice!

Nerf Dart Putting AidMy Jefferson GA grandsons – Emerson and Madux – love to pelt me with Nerf Darts when I visit them – all great fun. But now that I have learned I can use these for putting practice and improvement…

One of my favorite putting improvement resources is the David Orr Flatstick Academy subscription web site.  David does at least one (often more) post each week that helps me to learn more about putting improvement.  The site is an amazing putting learning resource.

David recently did a video post where he talked about how he teaches new golfers to putt.  And that is where Nerf Darts showed up!  He stuck a dart on the face of a putter – and wow what a simple training idea!  You can immediately see where you aim your putter, and can also see how the face of the putter moves as you create your stroke.

To me Simple is often Most Effective.  So, particularly if you are looking to do some indoor winter putting practice and improvement – buy some sticky Nerf Darts (or steal them from your grandkids?).  Put one on the face of your putter, check your aim and confirm that you are able to correctly aim your putter at address.  And maybe do this 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet away from a simulated indoor target.  Do this once at each location, maybe 2 or 3 times.  Total time spent – probably less than 5 minutes.  But an effective way to practice putting aim at address.  

Thanks David!  (And watch out, Emerson and Madux…)

Any Simple Indoor Practice Aids That YOU Use? – Please Comment And Share!

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Notice Your Golf Improvement Blind Spots!

Some Simple Ways To Improve

Your Golf Improvement Blind Spots!

1 + 1 Golf Improvement Blind Spots

Every morning I take about 10 minutes to do a guided Headspace meditation.  An important skill that Headspace emphasizes is NOTICING.  Notice what you think, what you feel – and simply accepting that.

Noticing what you do in your golf game can be a simple and great improvement strategy. I recently read an excellent GolfWRX post in this topic, here is the link to it…

John Haime – "Do you know your golf blind spots?"

There are many mechanisms for identifying your golfing blind spots – one I talked about was a Club Fitting Scoring System developed by Dave Hohnke.  This is a great tool – but you can also start small.  I did this after my past golf round – and discovered that I had been ignoring an "easy fix" in my golf game.  Standard chips from just off the green. Overall, I believe I should be getting these up and down way more than 50% of the time – but this has not been the case.  Good news – a little practice attention to these shots will definitely improve my scoring.

How about taking 5 minutes after your next round and see if you can Notice some obvious and maybe simple things you can improve!

Another golf improvement blind spot relates to Center Club Contact in your golf shots. When you are custom fit for new clubs – and when you practice – it is easy to focus just on what the ball is doing and how far it goes.   But to get the BEST and MOST CONSISTENT results – knowing that you are or are not making center contact can be a game changer.  Whether it is by using impact labels or using Dr. Scholl's foot powder spray on your clubs to see impact – Center Club Contact should be fundamental to the optimal performance of the golf clubs you play with.


LET ME KNOW! – please Comment Below on any game-changing areas you have recently Noticed to Improve YOUR Game.


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Make Dave Hohnke’s Club Fitting Scoring System Work For YOU!!

Use Dave's Club Fitting Scoring System

To Shoot Lower Scores!

Club Fitting Scoring SystemDave Hohnke – Master Clubfitter who you have heard from a number of times here – has created an excellent Club Fitting Scoring System.  Using this system, golfer and custom fitters can partner and identify golf equipment changes that golfers can use to improve their games and scoring.

At the recent 11th AGCP Clubfitting Roundtable, Keith Chatham from PrecisionFit Golf presented a case study for a golfer who used this Scoring System to evaluate his golf results.  Keith was able to help this golfer reduce his handicap by about 4 strokes (and probably more coming!) – mostly through helping him add some specific custom fit clubs to his bag.  The golfer played 4 rounds and entered data from his rounds in the Scorecard – and he and Keith evaluated the results.

Well – I purchased 30 copies of this Club Fitting Scorecard – to first apply and use for my personal game – and also to provide to some of my golfers who might benefit.  

As an early "Christmas" present – I will provide this Scorecard to the first ten golfers who ask me for it.  It is a dynamite way to evaluate your game and identify areas you can use to play your best golf.

NOTE – Dave Hohnke's Club Fitting Scoring System is Copyrighted and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.  But completing it is well worth your time if you want to find ways to Play Your Best Golf!

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Learn A Great Putting Message!

The Visio Putting Aimboard

Sends A Great Putting Message!

Putting MessagePutting MessageOn the Harold Swash Putting website, there is a link to a terrific group of Visio Putting Aids that have been developed by Philip Kenyon (putting coach of Rory McElroy, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, and other tour pros).  I have purchased a number of these aids – and most recently bought the Visio Aimboard – shown in the pictures above.  This Aimboard allows you to practice hitting putts from 5, 10, and 15 feet distances and will show you where your misses are relative to where your putter face points at impact (for now, let's confine ourselves to straight putts).

This Aimboard – in addition to being a great Training Aid – I think sends a simple and powerful message on how important it is to be able to control your aim at address and at impact in your putting.  From the first image above, you can I think easily note the following…

  • On a 5 foot putt, if your putter face is more than 2 degrees off of target at impact you will miss the putt,
  • On a 10 foot putt, the putter face has to be within 1 degree of the target at impact to make a straight putt, and
  • For a 15 foot putt, at impact your face has to be within 0.75 degrees of target at impact to make a straight putt.

The Putting Messages from this information are simple and powerful:

  • Aim at Address and Aim at Impact get increasingly more important as putt length increases.

  • It should be no surprise then that the longer the putt, the more precise your control of your putter face needs to be at impact, and that the make percentage on putts decreases for longer putts.

  • Finally then – be a little more relaxed and easy on yourself on longer putts if you are not putting for a living – unless of course you are willing to put in the time to be great at Aim at Address and Aim at Impact.  And if you do put in that time – relax in knowing you have locked in this putting skill!

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Square Impact Is King!

Square Impact = Best Performance and Feel = Lower Scores!

Square Impact

There are a number of "classic" custom club fitting books that I REALLY should take the time to look at again from time to time.  One of these was published in 2011 by Ralph Maltby – a pioneer in custom fitting, and owner of the Golfworks – provider of golf club shafts, grips, assembly materials and fitting tools, and club heads.  And author of The Complete Book of Golf Club Fitting and Performance.

So I did a little paging through this book recently.  And BANG right at the start was a great thought!

"If we could be so basic as to pick one goal to accomplish in clubfitting … 

It would be Squareness Of Hit."  

He made the point that it is easy to get hung up in searching for more distance when doing a custom fitting.  But that if you look for Squareness Of Hit first, a lot of things fall into place:

  • With square hits, the most energy gets imparted to the golf ball – (highest smash factors) – so most ball speed and most distance.
  • The squarer the hit, the less curve on the golf ball – smaller shot dispersion?
  • With square hits, a golfer gets more solid feel at impact.

Square Impact – better distance, reduced shot dispersion, better feel – better overall results!!  I just Love Relearning From The Classics.

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Sterling Single-Length Iron Podcast Interview on TUESDAY!

PrecisionFitGolfSterling Single Length IronsFor those of you looking for my bi-weekly podcast today – stayed tuned for a GREAT episode tomorrow afternoon – with Keith Chatham from PrecisionFit Golf in Kerrville, Texas – talking about his custom fitting experiences with Sterling Single-Length Irons.  See you on Tuesday!

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Aim Your Putter!

Aim Your Putter:

The Ryder Cup High-Performers Did!

Aim Your Putter

What a terrific Ryder Cup Sunday!  Well, today I spent about 2 hours watching some of the best of the best Sunday performers – Patrick Reed, Rory McElroy, Phil Michelson, Sergio Garcia, and Henrick Stenson – hit all of their putts.  How many birdies did they all make – at least 30 I think (Phil and Sergio made 19 alone in their match!).

All of them did two important things that helped them create lights-out putting results…

  • Four of the five of them were Very Intentional in how they aimed their putters at address.  Patrick, Rory, Phil, and Sergio made sure they had their putters aimed on their intended line before they set up to hit their putts.  Henrick did not seem to me to have the same type of intention before he set his stance – but he did take a few looks to adjust his putter face aim before hitting his putts.
  • All five of them had simply superb Speed Control for the putts they made.  I do not remember any of their birdie putts "pouring" into the hole.  They took full advantage of the size of the golf hole through great speed control.

Now sure – they all have wonderful consistent putting strokes that allow them ensure that they have the putter face pointed at their target at impact, and that produce great control of their speed.  But there are a few simple things YOU can do in your putting as well as they did!

  • First – I guarantee that each of them KNOWS that they can aim their putters at address on their intended lines.  Be sure you know that you can aim your putter at address well – and if not, find a putter that you CAN aim well.
  • Second – Aim First Then Set Your Putting Stance!  It is easy to forget to attend to this – but it can produce big dividends in how many putts you make when you play.
  • Phil Michelson jumped into the air when he made his 10th birdie yesterday, and Sergio Garcia kissed his putter when he sunk his 9th birdie – Why Not YOU!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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Thanks Tom Wishon!

Thanks Tom Wishon:

Custom Club Fitting Matters!

Tom Wishon

"The Best Leave A Legacy" – Jon Gordon, Training Camp

Every time that I place an order with Tom Wishon Golf Technology for a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid head, I get a little note like the one above signed by Tom Wishon.  It looks like a "little" thing – but the best do the "little" things to promote the big things. Every one of these little notes demonstrates Tom's dedication to his total belief that Custom Club Fitting Matters for golfers to help them play their best golf.

You can read some specifics about Tom's career in his web site About page.  His book "The Search For The Perfect Golf Club" was what really got me interested in becoming a custom club fitter.  Tom has had that type of influence on many custom fitters, and also a huge influence on golfers who want to learn about Custom Fitting.  His "little" booklet (that word again) – "12 Myths That Can Wreck Your Golf Game" – I bet has been read by tens of thousands of golfers who wanted to learn more the truth about golf club performance.  His custom clubhead designs perform as well or better than anything else you can play with – and they are available to the exact specifications you need for your game.  A final "little" thing about Tom is when a custom fitter sends him an email, he can almost guarantee to get a response – often a long and detailed one – within an hour. 

Well, you might guess – if you do not already know – where this post is headed.  Tom Wishon and his wife Mary-Ellen are about to "semi-retire."  But he is doing it in the way that most of us would expect him to do it – continuing his dedication to custom club fitting and golfers.  He will continue to design new high-performance custom golf clubs. As of October 1, 2016, he is transferring the rights to the Wishon golf designs to Diamond Golf International – and doing this in a way that will ensure that U.S. custom fitters will continue to have easy availability to all of the present and future Wishon golf offerings.  So yes there will be change – but change in a way that is good for all.  So – Thanks Tom!

The Best Leave A Legacy!

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My “No Grind” Putting Practice Station

5 Minutes A Day To Putting Improvement:

My "No Grind" Putting Practice Station!My "No Grind" Putting Practice Station

One of the easiest ways for me to improve my putting stats is to improve putts made from 3 to 5 feet.  I know I get sloppy with setup, aim, and my overall "focus" (more on that later) during these putts.  So – I thought I would share with you what I now do 5 minutes a day at home to improve my putting mechanics for these important putts – maybe doing some things differently than you might expect!

  • The FIRST thing that I do before any actual putting practice is to put on my FocusBand and link it to my iPhone app.  I spend a few minutes achieving a "Mushin" state and strive to be in this relaxed state during the entire time that I am practicing my putting.  Not a hard attention – but soft and gentle.
  • I have three basic practice stations I use for my indoor putting practice.  The first is the small blue mirror in the upper right hand portion of the picture.  This is a small puttting setup mirror that my friend Glen Coombe "The Putting Doctor" sells and that I give to everyone I help with putting improvement.  I use this to check my initial setup – eyes either just inside or over the ball, shoulders and hips (especially!) square to target line, aim square to the end of the mirror.  I do this about 5 times.
  • Then I move to practicing with the Harold Swash "18 Arc" Mi Putting Template – the white template shown in the middle of the picture above.  The 18 Arc represents a good approximation to my natural arc in my putting stroke.  If you look at the picture, I put two index cards on the template – to practice a short stroke for 3 to 5 foot putts – with the forward stroke a little longer than the back stroke.  I do about 10 practice strokes on the Template.
  • Finally, I bought the black plastic strip (on line) – it is 4-1/2 inches wide and 5 feet long.  In the past I have practiced with 5 foot rulers, either 1 inch or 2 inches wide. I am using this wider strip – close to the 41/4 inch wide of a golf cup – to "soften" my focus on hitting straight putts.  I know that inside of my brain I desire to hit straight putts – but I wonder if that very narrow focus is really the best way to practice these.  So my goal is to hit 4 straight putts – 2, 3, 4, and 5 feet.  If I accomplish this, I am finished – if I do not, I start over until I successfully hit 4 straight putts. 

So there you go!  5 minutes a day – soft attention to setup and putting performance. This is an experiment for me – particularly my use of the FocusBand and desire to not "grind" as I practice. But I believe practicing both mechanics and practicing allowing my subconscious to be active when I am practicing will pay dividends on the golf course.

LOVE to hear any comments from readers on this approach – and your ideas for improving it!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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A Sensible Custom Club Fitting Day!

Sometimes "Sensible" Custom Club Fitting 

Can Create The Best Results!

Sensible Custom Club Fitting

Today I had a visitor from Little Rock, Arkansas – a seven hour drive to see me.  Pretty exciting that someone would take that much time to let me help him with his game.  He did driver and putter fitting sessions with me.  The result of the day – particularly for the driver – were not quite what I might have expected them to be.  I view the day – looking back – as a day of applying "sensible custom club fitting" principles to get him the results he needed.  Here are some details for the driver fitting…

  • First of all, he had a good repeatable golf swing – about 85 mph swing speed with his driver, perhaps a little early wrist release but still his swing was not an issue.
  • He actually brought 2 drivers with him that he was presently using.  Both Tom Wishon Golf 919 THI driver heads – one 10.75 degree loft square face, the other about 12 degree loft and about 1.5 degree open face angle.  
  • The 10.75 degree loft driver had a $300 shaft in it – stiff flex.  The 12 degree loft driver had a Wishon S2S White R flex shaft in it.  Actually the Wishon shaft was one I expected might be a good fit for his swing speed and release pattern.
  • At his 85 mph swing speed, I would expect his optimized carry distance would be in the range of 210 yards.  And with both clubs, he was able to hit some shots at near 210 yard carry, and sometimes with rollout to 230 to 240 yards.  Pretty good results with an 85 mph swing speed!
  • However – he felt he had to "push" to hit good shots with the driver with the $300 shaft.  And, at 63 years old, he was not sure he could "keep up with this shaft" much longer.
  • We did some tests with a light weight (about 50 gram) Arthur Sports XCaliber R flex shaft and also got excellent results with this one – again, in range of 210 yard carry and 230 to 240 yard total distance.  And he loved the overall feel of this shaft
  • So – No New Driver Needed – a good option for him is to reshaft his 10.75 degree driver with the very stiff shaft and put the XCaliber shaft in it.  Makes sense!
  • AND – the fitting results gave him confidence that he had two driver options that could help him play his best.

The putter fitting part of the day was probably the part he liked the most…

  • He was playing with a 34-1/2 inch putter and it was definitely too short for him.  At setup the ball was way – at least 1 inch and maybe more – inside of his site line.  He aimed this putter about 2 to 3 inches left of a simulated golf hole – from 6 feet away – at address.
  • We found a SeeMore putter at 36 inches length that he felt much more comfortable with at setup, and that allowed him to at address have the ball right under his eyes, and which he could aim well.  The added benefit is this extra length put less stress on his back at address.
  • Then we tested with different amounts of counterweight down the shaft and different weight locations (Tour Lock Pro Opti Vibe Weights).  The best performing option was a 75 gram Opti Weight 3-1/2 inches down the putter shaft..

A fun "sensible" day of golf improvement!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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