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True Custom Club Fitting To



An effective Club Fitting is a Partnership between the Golfer and the Custom Club Fitter.  The types of results that you can anticipate from our True Custom Club Club Fitting process include:

  • Solid impact with the golf ball.

  • Enhanced "feel" from all of your golf clubs.

  • Improved golf shot distance and accuracy.

  • Wedges that have the right bounce design and great feel, to allow you confidently hit short scoring shots.

  • Putters that you can confidently aim at the hole and can control your putting speed with a smooth and reproduceable stroke.

At Game Improvement Golf, True Custom Club Fitting is a Seven Step Process designed to Guarantee Results:

     Player Completes a Personal Club Evaluation;

     A Personal Interview with Your Club Fitter;

     Collect Important Data on Your Present Golf Clubs;

     Conduct Custom Fitting to Identify Performance Improvement Opportunities;

     Build Clubs to Performance Improvement Specifications;

     Obtain Initial Feedback on Golf Club Performance; and

     Final Follow Up to Ensure Clubs Perform as Expected.


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