• Driver Length is important – playing the correct length driver will lead to more on-center shots, and on-center shots increase driving distance and accuracy.


  • For men, the majority of drivers that are available in golf stores are lengths of 45-1/2 to 46 inches long. However, the average driver length for PGA tour players is 44-1/2 inches long. For most players, optimum driver length will most likely be 43 to 44-1/2 inches.


  • For drivers that you purchase in stores there is a letter on the shaft that usually says something like L – ladies flex, A- senior flex, R – regular flex, S – stiff, XS – extra stiff. These letters mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! For example, the S on a shaft from one golf club or shaft manufacturer can be significantly stiffer or softer than the S on a shaft from another club/shaft manufacturer. More importantly, the shaft flex profile along the length of the shaft can vary – some shafts, for example can be tip stiff and some can be tip soft. There is a shaft flex profile that will work best for your golf swing. It may be difficult to find the best shaft for you in a golf store.


  • When you buy your next driver, you deserve to have a launch monitor fitting. This option would include a fitting using a swing path analyzer and analysis of video of your swing.


  • When you are fit well using a launch monitor, you will learn – for the test driver you are hitting – the driver clubhead and ball speed, launch angle, ball spin, and Power Transfer Ratio – ball speed divided by swing speed. These four main variables that can be used to determine – for your golf swing – what driver characteristics will produce the best driver results for you.


  • A driver fitting should include evaluation of clubhead type, clubhead loft, and shaft options. For you to find the best driver for your swing, you need to be able to have launch monitor test results for these different club characteristics – and find the driver that produces the best results for you.