Experiences In Practicing “Golf Calm”

Pre-Round “Golf Calm”

May Help You To Go Low!

Experiences In Practicing "Golf Calm"

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to do a podcast interview with Dr. Sam Vines where we talked about the Quiet Eye Process – a routine that has been demonstrated to helping golfers get “in the zone” during their putting.  Well, I have a Focusband training device, and Focusband can measure when someone is in “Quiet Eye.”  I thought why not a little morning practice with Focusband to see if I can “feel” and “sense” when I am in Quiet Eye – to help me take that to my on-course putting.

So for the last week, I spent 10 to 20 minutes each morning wearing my Focusband with the task to find out what it would take to get into Quiet Eye 30 times.  I learned some neat things worth sharing!

Focusband quantifies being in a “Mushin” state – not being preoccupied with any thoughts and emotions.  It also quantifies when Quiet Eye has been achieved.

The first 3 or 4 times I used Focusband in these morning sessions, it took me well over 10 minutes to be in a calm state and to then achieve Quiet Eye episodes.  However, the picture below is from the Focusband readout from today, November 18.  Almost immediately I was able to get into a calm Mushin state, and achieve 30 Quiet Eyes – in about 7 minutes!

Experiences In Practicing "Golf Calm"

Why the improvement in being calm? – today, I decided to slow down some and relax before doing my Focusband session, and not get caught up into all of the things that I was planning to do later in the day.  It was like I had become a different person!

Can this matter for YOUR Golf?  Well, what if you decided to have a pre-round MENTAL warmup similar to your range warmup for your golf game?  Find some way to be more relaxed and at ease before you play.  I bet you see dividends from this pre-game mental warmup in your scores and in your enjoyment!

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  • PuttingDoctor

    I’m so happy to hear you are once again using your FocusBand Tony. By finding the Mushin state and Quiet Eye you are finally allowing your non-conscious to execute the golf swing and putting stroke.

    Next practice round try playing “ball in hand” and use the QE dot on the ball for each and every shot you make for the round. And if you can why not wear the FocusBand for that round?

    I’ll look forward to hearing of your results.

    • AWrightDISQ

      Glen thanks for that idea. I have been working to feel QE in putting, but I think doing it more and more will help me get there. And since we are now playing Winter Rules more opps to have ball in hand – the more I am in fairways! Will report back to you.