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This is my web site for Game Improvement Golf.  I help golfers to Shoot Lower Scores through TRUE custom club fitting and short game improvement.

On my web site, I help golfers understand what TRUE custom club fitting is – NOT what they do in the big-box golf club stores.  From time to time I write about things that do not fit neatly into custom fitting and short game improvement, but my writing is always about helping golfers play their best.  My goal is create interesting and valuable information on TRUE custom club fitting and short game improvement, so that golfers will know the truth and can make informed decisions about their equipment.

I am the author of The Fit Is IT!!  How Custom Club Fitting Matters To YOUR Golfing Dreams (self published).  More than 1,000 readers have downloaded the Amazon Kindle and print versions of this book.  It has received more than thirty 4 and 5 star reviews.

If you want to learn interesting, useful, and new information to help you play better, my web site is for you! I publish my Club Fact Blog each Monday.  Every other week through my Blog, I publish a Podcast – The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Each Podcast includes an interview with an expert in custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Help YOU Shoot Lower Scores!  Go to my web site Home Page to see my weekly golf improvement blog and podcast content – Click HERE!

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I also write a monthly Constant Contact email newsletter on custom club fitting and short game improvement; this is published on the 15th of each month.  You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter – and view archives of past newsletters – by clicking on the links on the right side of my Using My Web Site Page. In 2014 I published a free eBook – It’s Time YOU Improved Your Putting! – that describes simple tasks that golfers can accomplish to help them improve their putting.  Click on the book title to download this eBook.

My Biography

I was born in McKees Rocks, PA, a small town close to Pittsburgh, PA.  Starting at age 16, I caddied at the St. Clair Country Club in Upper St. Clair, PA.  I was fortunate to be able to attend Carnegie-Mellon University – where I received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1971 – on a full-tuition Western Pennsylvania Caddy Scholarship.  I then attended the University of Minnesota where I received a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics in the summer of 1976.   After I graduated from the University of Minnesota, I moved to Oak Ridge, TN to work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – a U.S. Department of Energy R&D laboratory.  I had a wonderful 35-year career at ORNL; I retired from ORNL in April 2011.  

I originally learned about the value of custom golf club fitting from Richard Hess, who had a custom club fitting business in Oak Ridge.  In the summer of 2006, I decided I would create a second career as a professional club fitter.  Since 2006, I have been obsessed with learning about custom club fitting and club making.  In 2007 I joined the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP).  The AGCP is dedicated to helping its members improve their club fitting skills and club making skills.  I am a Level 10 Certified Professional Clubfitter through the AGCP.

When I retired from ORNL in 2011, I became a full-time professional club fitter.  I do my custom fittings at the Centennial Golf Academy at the Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge.  I do all of my club building in a shop I have created in the basement of my home.   I have never regretted making professional club fitting a second career.  I love helping golfers learn the value of TRUE custom fitting, and creating golf clubs for them that help them Shoot Lower Scores.

I have been married to my wife Diane for more than 20 years.  We have two sons, two daughters, three grandsons, and one granddaughter.  We live in Oak Ridge, TN. In my free time I love playing golf and reading.  I have a particular interest in learning more about how to help others learn effectively, and learning how to use the internet to improve business marketing.  I am a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oak Ridge, TN; I have been a cantor and member of a church singing group at St. Mary’s for many years.

How To Contact Me

To help YOU to Shoot Lower Scores! – Contact me by email at, or by phone at 865-384-3753.  

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