Verbal Feedback About YOUR Golf Game!

Now You Can Easily Provide Me

Verbal Feedback About YOUR Golf Game!

Verbal Feedback About YOUR Golf Game!

Me – Determined?  Well for sure – sometimes.  About a week ago – from the David Orr Flatstick Academy Putting Coaching Class – setting up a way to obtain audio golf game feedback was something I had to figure out.  And I did!  I found a service called SpeakPipe that allows me to do this.  WHY? – well, there is something very powerful – from a golf improvement standpoint – in hearing golfers actually talk about their golf games and their putting.

So here are links to two new pages on my web site…

YOUR Game!

YOUR Putting!

Wherever you are – and I have followers of my blog and podcasts around the world – please verbally share your thoughts about your game and your putting through these links.  Hey – you might learn something that you did not know!  And will share anything I learn with you.

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