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In July 2014, I took the AimPoint Express Green Reading Clinic offered at Stonehenge Golf Course in Crossville, TN.  At the time, I was aware that Adam Scott – a "pretty good!!" PGA Tour Player – is using AimPoint to read greens.

Well, in mid September my son David and I went to watch the Friday round at the Fed Express Tour Championships in Atlanta, GA.  We were on the 11th green, and Adam Scott was reading a putt.  I told David all of the things that Adam Scott would do when he read the putt – and he did EVERY ONE!  It was a 25 foot putt with about 4 degrees of slope – and he came very close to making it.

The AimPoint Express Green Reading Process is SimpleAccurateEasy To Use – and It Works!!  

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Scott Sikorski – the Head Pro at the Deer Creek Golf Course in Crossville, TN – is now a Certified AimPoint Express Instructor.  To find out how to take an AimPoint Express Green Reading Class from Scott – to MAKE EVERYTHING! – contact Scott at