Driving The Golf Ball Shorter!

Driving The Golf Ball Shorter!

What Do These Interesting Results Mean?

Drive The Golf Ball Shorter!

A recent on-line Golf Digest article is one of the most interesting, and perhaps puzzling, articles that I have read – so I wanted to be sure you had the opportunity to read it!  Here is the link…

Are Average Golfers Gaining Distance? New Study Says Not By A Long Shot

I hope those of you who are looking to gain driving distance take a thorough look at this article, and make your own judgements.  You may be surprised, but I personally am not going to make any specific conclusions and recommendations about it.  But hey, I will make a few comments…

  • It sticks out to me that the results are based on data obtained using ARRCOS – a GPS shot tracking app.  I am going to surmise that someone using ARRCOS cares a lot about his or her golf game – and so may be more likely to be using some of the latest driver head technology.  
  • My personal custom fitting experience is that golfers who come to me for a custom driver fitting are not looking to lose distance! 

And I am going to leave it at that today!  Except that I would love to hear some of YOUR feedback on this article, and what the results suggest to you.


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On This Interesting Golf Digest Article!


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