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     Those short shots near and around the green, and shots out of greenside bunkers – require TOUCH and FEEL.  In particular FEEL for how the Golf Club Interacts With The Ground Or Sand.  For a wedge to have great Feel for YOU, it needs to have the right kind of Bounce for your Golf Swing.  And when you find wedges that have Great Feel YOU KNOW IT and you can more confidently play all of your wedge shots!

     The Edel Wedges resulted from a collaboration between Mike Adams (Top 50 instructor) and Edel Golf.  These wedges are based on data Mike Adams developed – that most wedges available to players do not have the right wedge bounce and kinds of bounce to help players to easily hit their wedge shots.  For example, the average bounce on a lob wedge on the PGA tour is 16-18 degrees, and most lob wedges available to the general public have only 6 to 8 degrees of bounce.

     The Edel Wedge Fitting System consists of 8 different grinds in the 60 degree wedge – to match the golfers angle of attack and shaft lean, and to let the club interact with the turf correctly.  This will also help the golfer to hit every type of shot – flop, tight lie, wet, deep rough, etc.  Edel Golf knows that the shaft is also critical to wedge performance.  The Edel Wedge Fitting system offers 15 different wedge shaft options – so that the golfer can match his/her perferred ball flight and optimal spin for their shots.

Below is a YouTube video where Mike Adams and David Edel discuss the Edel Wedges…..

David Edel and Mike Adams Discuss Edel Wedges

Here is a great YouTube video from Andy Thompson, Totally Driven Golf, on the Edel Wedge Fitting process that he uses:

Totally Driven Golf Edel Wedge Fitting Process

Here is a recently published article on Edel wedges and the Edel wedge fitting process:

Edel Wedges and “Super Bounce”

Wendell Beliveau, Knoxville TN

“Hi Tony.  I am enjoying the performance of my new Edel wedges (54 and 60 degrees).  They were made for me based on my physical attributes and swing.  Consequently there was no adjustment period required.  I was able to start playing well with them immediately. However, quite unexpectedly, do to their high performance and feel, I have improved my short game and thus lowered my handicap by two strokes.  Most improved is my pitching game.  I can now feel the distance required much better and hit my target more consistently.  Thanks to you and your Short Game Improvement Center, I am having a much more enjoyable golf experience.  Thanks again!”

Randy Jacobs, Atlanta GA

Everyone should try an Edel Wedge Fitting.  I’m betting you will have a WOW moment.  More grooves and higher bounce = I didn’t know I was that good!”

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