Experiences In Practicing “Golf Calm”

Pre-Round “Golf Calm”

May Help You To Go Low!

Experiences In Practicing "Golf Calm"

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to do a podcast interview with Dr. Sam Vines where we talked about the Quiet Eye Process – a routine that has been demonstrated to helping golfers get “in the zone” during their putting.  Well, I have a Focusband training device, and Focusband can measure when someone is in “Quiet Eye.”  I thought why not a little morning practice with Focusband to see if I can “feel” and “sense” when I am in Quiet Eye – to help me take that to my on-course putting.

So for the last week, I spent 10 to 20 minutes each morning wearing my Focusband with the task to find out what it would take to get into Quiet Eye 30 times.  I learned some neat things worth sharing!

Focusband quantifies being in a “Mushin” state – not being preoccupied with any thoughts and emotions.  It also quantifies when Quiet Eye has been achieved.

The first 3 or 4 times I used Focusband in these morning sessions, it took me well over 10 minutes to be in a calm state and to then achieve Quiet Eye episodes.  However, the picture below is from the Focusband readout from today, November 18.  Almost immediately I was able to get into a calm Mushin state, and achieve 30 Quiet Eyes – in about 7 minutes!

Experiences In Practicing "Golf Calm"

Why the improvement in being calm? – today, I decided to slow down some and relax before doing my Focusband session, and not get caught up into all of the things that I was planning to do later in the day.  It was like I had become a different person!

Can this matter for YOUR Golf?  Well, what if you decided to have a pre-round MENTAL warmup similar to your range warmup for your golf game?  Find some way to be more relaxed and at ease before you play.  I bet you see dividends from this pre-game mental warmup in your scores and in your enjoyment!

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