Fairway Woods


Fairway Woods


  • The first step in buying fairway woods is to be honest with yourself. What is the highest lofted wood that you can hit consistently and well? Just because you can buy a 3 wood of 13 degrees of loft does not mean that this should be your second-longest-hitting club. Perhaps you can hit a 15 degree 3 wood well, perhaps your second-longest-hitting club should be a higher-lofted 5 wood or even a 7-wood. Find the option that works best for you.


  • The length of your second-longest-hitting club should be at least 1 inch shorter than your driver, and perhaps shorter than that.


  • If you purchase other fairway woods in addition to your second-longest-hitting club, be sure that these have lengths, shaft flexes, and swingweights consistent with this club.


  • For fairway woods as for drivers, the flex letter on the shaft means absolutely nothing. If you find a driver shaft that works well for you, that shaft may also work reasonably well for you in your fairway woods. However, you should also consider having shafts in your fairway woods that are 10 to 20 grams heavier than the one in your driver.