Golfers Share WHY They Chose Me!

Golfers Share WHY They Chose Me!


Golfers Share WHY They Chose Me! Not every golfer who is interested in buying new golf clubs and improving their putting will come to me.  DID I WRITE THAT??

Yep – You Read It Here!  The golfers who come to see me to help them to Shoot Lower Scores do not typically make that decision without a lot of thought and consideration.  Which I think is great!  

I recently did some checking with a number of my golfing clients to ask them WHY They Chose Me!  Their feedback was appreciated, and I have a created a new web page on my site from their comments – which you can access at this link:

WHY They Chose Me!

I think that the golfers who chose me to help them improve their golf games…

  • Expect and realize that a true custom club fitting takes time – often more than 2 to 3 hours – for a given type of fitting.
  • Understand that custom fit golf clubs are almost NEVER “standard” or “off the rack” – because they as golfers are unique.
  • Realize that true custom fit golf clubs are built by an expert custom club builder to the exact specifications from the custom fitting.
  • Expect that cost is important, but the joy of Playing Great Golf is more important to them.
  • Finally, expect that they will be delighted – not just happy – with the clubs, and with the putting coaching and instruction, that I create and provide for them.

So yes I am not for everyone.  But if you are not “everyone” – well, I am here to help you to Play Your Best Golf!


Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!



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