“Look At My New Putter!”

The Right Putter Length Affects Balance, Posture…

AND Making More Putts!

Look At My New Putter!

Last Friday one of my golfing friends walked up to me and said "look at my new putter!" He had previously been putting with a very short putter for him – 32 inches long.  When you would see him putt, he just was not comfortable at address and setup.  He had a very "handsy" stroke, and struggled with speed control and also making short putts.

Well was LAST Friday Different!  His new putter is 34 inches long.  You could easily see that he has a much more confident stroke, not as much hands in his stroke, but mostly his posture and balance at setup are Spot On.  He looked absolutely comfortable setting up to putt, and improved and more confident putting just seemed easy for him.

This was a good wake-up call for me on the importance of putter length to help create a balance and relaxed posture at address.  Often, it is easy to get hung up on using putter length to get the golfer set up so that his eyes are "right over the golf ball" at address. But the more a golfer can be at ease at setup in his putts, the more I think he can make confident and consistent strokes, create good speed control, and be relaxed when he is hitting short putts.

Appreciate (I know I do!) the importance of playing with the Right Putter Length to help you to Make More Putts!

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