Notice Your Golf Improvement Blind Spots!

Some Simple Ways To Improve

Your Golf Improvement Blind Spots!

1 + 1 Golf Improvement Blind Spots

Every morning I take about 10 minutes to do a guided Headspace meditation.  An important skill that Headspace emphasizes is NOTICING.  Notice what you think, what you feel – and simply accepting that.

Noticing what you do in your golf game can be a simple and great improvement strategy. I recently read an excellent GolfWRX post in this topic, here is the link to it…

John Haime – "Do you know your golf blind spots?"

There are many mechanisms for identifying your golfing blind spots – one I talked about was a Club Fitting Scoring System developed by Dave Hohnke.  This is a great tool – but you can also start small.  I did this after my past golf round – and discovered that I had been ignoring an "easy fix" in my golf game.  Standard chips from just off the green. Overall, I believe I should be getting these up and down way more than 50% of the time – but this has not been the case.  Good news – a little practice attention to these shots will definitely improve my scoring.

How about taking 5 minutes after your next round and see if you can Notice some obvious and maybe simple things you can improve!

Another golf improvement blind spot relates to Center Club Contact in your golf shots. When you are custom fit for new clubs – and when you practice – it is easy to focus just on what the ball is doing and how far it goes.   But to get the BEST and MOST CONSISTENT results – knowing that you are or are not making center contact can be a game changer.  Whether it is by using impact labels or using Dr. Scholl's foot powder spray on your clubs to see impact – Center Club Contact should be fundamental to the optimal performance of the golf clubs you play with.


LET ME KNOW! – please Comment Below on any game-changing areas you have recently Noticed to Improve YOUR Game.


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