Optimizing MY Driver Performance!

Optimizing MY Driver Performance:

Some “Unknown” New Information!

Optimizing MY Driver Performance

In the first of two Russ Ryden podcast interviews, Russ talked about driver performance increases he sometimes sees with what he calls “soft mid flex” and “super soft mid flex” driver shafts.  So I have added a few of these to my driver fitting shafts – so far the Aldila Rogue Elite Blue, and soon the Aldila Rogue Elite Orange shafts.  Since I have not done any recent testing of MYSELF on my Flightscope, I thought this was a good time.  

First, I presently play with the Wishon 919 THI driver head, driver length 44-1/4 inches (ug to “standard” lengths for me!), driver loft 11.5 degrees, Aldila 2KXV Green 75 R shaft, and a driver MOI of 2850.

My closest 919 THI fitting driver loft is 10.5 degrees, and driver length of 44-1/2 inches.  I tested with this setup, with the 2KXV Green 75 R and the Rogue Elite Blue 65 R (and one other new shaft), and with driver MOIs of 2840 and 2850.  Here are some of the results…

  • First, my driver swing speed is about 87 mph.  I thought it might be a bit higher – but it is what it is.  At that swing speed, the Flightscope Driver Optimizer suggests MY optimum results are about 220 yards carry, 233 yards total distance.
  • Tests with the Rogue Elite Blue were better in all ways than those with the 2KXV Green.  209 yard average carry (on average 10 to 15 yards more carry and 10 to 20 yards more total distance) than with the 2KXV – smash factor of 1.50 (optimum!) with the Elite Blue – at least 1 degree higher launch – and at least 6 feet higher apex of my drives.  
  • What was ALSO fascinating – that I did not realize – is that my Clubface Face To Path Difference is higher than I expected.  About 6 degrees in tests with the 2KXV shaft, and about 4.8 degrees with the Rogue Elite Blue.  So there is opportunity for increasing my driving distance and reducing dispersion – by reducing this Face To Path Difference to in the range of 2 to 3 degrees.  Encouraging!
  • My next two steps are: a) reshaft my 919 THI driver with the Rogue Elite Blue and build to my length and MOI specs, b) do testing with Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Counterweights in the butt end of my driver – to see if I can find a combination to bring the Face To Path Difference closer.  More on my personal Opti-Vibe weight testing in a future blog post.

I am excited about adding the Aldila Rogue Elite shafts to my fitting system (and my driver).  However, optimizing driver performance is about the total golf club – including head, shaft, length, club MOI, and club loft (and sometimes more).

AND by the way – the Wishon 919 THI driver head (smash factors for me in range of 1.49 to 1.50) – is a great performing driver head!





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