Play Their Best Golf!

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To Help These Golfers Play Their Best Golf!


Thanks To Each Of These Golfers Who Trust Me To Help Them

Shoot Lower Scores And Play Their Best Golf!


Anton Allen – Sterling irons
Jack Bagocus – driver, fairway woods, putter
Grayson Barringer – putter
Sandy Barry – driver, hybrid irons, irons, wedges, putter
Jim Brosnan – wedges, hybrid reshafting
Lydia Burk – irons
Sean Campbell – driver, fairway woods, putter
Paul Cantrell – driver, fairway woods, hybrid irons
Mark Chang – driver, irons
Zach Cole – irons
Tom Connell – driver, fairway woods, Sterling irons
Sy Cook – irons
Dennis Corley – iron reshafting
Mike Crews – driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges
Charles Crowe – putting improvement
Ryan Daughrity – irons
George Farquharson – irons
Ted Fischer – driver, fairway woods, irons
Tim Fischer – iron reweighting
Ron Fitch – irons
John Foust – irons
David Gaddie – Sterling irons
Mike Gailey – Hybrid club, Sterling irons, wedges
Mirle Girish – fairway woods and irons
Doug Goeringer – reshafting driver, fairway woods, irons
Harvey Gray – irons
Brad Hawkins – putting improvement
Kevin Herman – putting improvement
Dwayne Hickson – driver weighting, wedges
Michael Hill – fairway wood, Sterling irons, wedges
Brandon Horvath – iron reweighting, wedges
Philip Hoy – driver, irons
Steve Hutchins – driver, fairway wood
Randy Jacob – wedges
Cheri Jeffcoat – irons, putter
Bruce Johnson – irons
Michael Mattman – putting improvement
Eric McAmis – driver
Cassandra Osborne – driver, hybrid irons, and irons
Jane Palmer – woods and irons
Jim Palmer – putting improvement
Dan Parks – irons
Amit Patel – driver and irons
David Price – driver and irons
Shea Ramsey – irons
Roane State Golf Team – putting improvement
Matt Rogers – driver, irons
Jim Rouse – fairway woods and irons
Becky Rushton – woods and irons
Jim Rushton – hybrids and irons
Tony Salyers – driver reshaft
Duane Sullivan – driver, fairway wood, hybrid irons
Vicki Sullivan – driver, hybrid irons, irons
Peggy Swindlehurst – hybrid irons
Steve Swindelhurst – irons and wedges
Laslo Tako – driver, irons
John Thomas – putting improvement
Ginny Tolbert – driver and irons
Wayne Tolbert – irons
Tim Trapuzzano – driver, irons
Steve Vasgaard – irons
Cody Vernon – iron reshaft
Larry Weiss
Dennis Woerner – irons
Bill Waters – irons
Jill Wray – hybrid irons
Ron Wray – irons
Harry Wright – driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges
Kneeland Wright – putting improvement
Ryan Zimmerman – putting improvement

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