Please Complete This Yips Survey!

Support Research On The Yips And

Please Complete This Yips Survey!

Please Complete This Yips Survey

Last week I was fortunate to do a podcast with Advanced PGA Professional Gordon Morrison from Northumbria, United Kingdom.  We discussed some of his knowledge related to the putting and chipping yips – and the interview is one you will enjoy next Monday.

Gordon is doing a PhD Thesis related to the yips – in particular the Chipping Yips. As part of his research, he has created an On Line Survey for golfers who have had the putting or chipping yips.  I learned during the podcast interview some of the valuable information he has collected so far from this survey.

SO! – I hope that any of you readers who have had the Yips will click the link below and do this survey.  AND if you know of anyone else – or want to share this blog post link with anyone else – who has had the Yips, please share this with them.  Gordon and I deeply thank you for contributing to improving our knowledge about the Yips, and how to help golfers recover from them.  Here is the link to his survey….

Link To The Gordon Morrison Yip Survey – THANKS!


I wanted to add one more little goodie for those of you looking to improve your short games.  Many of you know I am a big fan of James Ridyard and his ShortGameSecrets short game instruction videos.  Well, James recently did a Me And My Golf Podcast that is great listen filled with information to help you Shoot Lower Scores…

Secrets To A Good Short Game 

I highly recommend this one!






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