Single Length Irons

Can Single-Length Irons Help YOU Play Your BEST GOLF?


Tom Wishon (Tom Wishon Golf Technology) and Jaacob Bowden (Golf Professional) spent 2-1/2 years developing the new Sterling Single-Length iron design…  

One Length – One Flex – One Weight – Every Club!

The greater ball striking consistency that can result from playing the Sterling irons could be something that could help your game.  Here is a link to a Fact Sheet about the Sterling Single-Length Irons…

Fact Sheet – Sterling Single-Length Irons And Your Golf Game


To watch a Mark Crossfield Playing Review of the Sterling Single-Length Irons – Click HERE!

I have created a dedicated Sterling Single-Length fitting system – which now includes 32 graphite and steel test shafts, and 3 interchangeable test heads (5, 7, and 9 irons). I also have 5 and 9 iron Sterling iron demo clubs (steel shafts) for golfers to hit and experience.  

Contact me at or 865-384-3753 if you are interested in hitting the demos or in a Sterling Single-Length iron fitting.


The initial response to the Sterling Single-Length Iron design has been Nothing Short Of Phenomenal! 

To find an AGCP custom fitter in your area who carries Sterling Single-Length irons – Click HERE!

Wishon Golf Single Length Irons