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When we went on our yearly golf trip this year, two golfing friends – Jack Bagocus and Doug Goeringer – suggested that I adjust handicaps appropriately for golfers playing different tees. Well I did not do this – but now I know I should have! – and want to share USGA guidance on this with you.  Will this help you shoot lower scores today – well no, but I think it is fun to know!!

The link below provides specific USGA guidance for setting up a match where golfers play on two different tees…

USGA Guidance: Setting the Proper Course for a Two-Tee Match

So let’s do a little example!

Golfer #1 plays tees with course rating 67.2, slope 126, and has USGA handicap index of 15; his course handicap is 17.

Golfer #2 plays tees with course rating 68.8, slope 129, and has USGA handicap index of 9; his course handicap is 10.

So the difference in their handicaps is 7, and Golfer #2 should give golfer #1 seven strokes correct – Well NO!  The USGA says that for their match the Golfer #2 handicap should be adjusted by the difference in the two course ratings – 1.6 or rounded up to 2.  Golfer #2 should play to an adjusted 12 handicap and give Golfer #1 five strokes instead of seven!!

Fascinating Stuff and I never knew this until now – DID YOU?? – LOVE TO HEAR ANY COMMENTS!!

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