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One of the 28 putting variables measured by the Science and Motion Sports (SAM) PuttLab is the location of putter face impact.  Center impact promotes more consistent speed control and more consistent putting results.

It is interesting to me that more than 70% of the golfers I have tested have the kind of impact shown in the picture above – contact out on the toe of the putter.  In many of the SAM evaluations, this is a direct result of poor alignment of the putter face at address – not having the sweet spot of the putter aligned with the center of the golf ball.  It can also result from an outside-to-inside stroke path and contact outside of the sweet spot.

There are many things that golfers focus on when they set up for their putting – I wonder if this element of lining up just does not get enough attention.  And I know – for me too – it is one that is easy for me to forget about when I am thinking about line and speed.

But you can learn to correct this if it is an issue with you – perhaps one of the easiest putting improvement tasks that you can tackle.  Here's two recommendations for you – when you practice in your basement (some of you do this, right?) or practice your putting on the practice green at your course:

  • Spend a little time when you practice your putting simply attending to where your face is aligned with the golf ball.  And make some small strokes where you FEEL and FOCUS on center contact with the putter sweet spot; or
  • Place the face of your putter right up against the golf ball.  Touch the center of the golf ball with the sweet spot of your putter (easy for sure if you have a center line on your putter).  Then PUSH the golf ball forward, and SEE and FEEL sweet spot contact (this is actually an element of Glen Coombe – The Putting Doctor's – Money Back Guaranteed Putting Experience).

I hope that this putting improvement task helps you – if you have any comments or feedback on results, please comment below.

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