What Satisfied Customers Say!


Tony Wright is terrific as a club fitter and even more so as a person.  He invests both time and thought to address your needs, and you will have fun with the entire process.  He combines technology and numbers with his intuition of you as a golfer and ball striker to find you the best fit.  He has helped me as a low handicapper as well as my beginner wife and my growing children when they were in a rapid improvement phase of their competitive golf.  We have nothing but the highest praise and recommendation of Tony!Mark Chang

Tony, I have actually had several chances to play last week and once this week.  The irons are the best I have hit in decades.  It took a little while becoming accustomed to the feel of the lighter club, but since then I could not be more pleased.  And the metal woods, WOW, I have never had a set that I could hit so well.  I am very consistent with them and the trajectory is ideal – good height. I’ve never had a 3 metal that I hit as well as this one, and the driver smokes!  

All in all, I am well pleased with the new clubs and swing improvements.  I am more excited to play and practice now than in a good while.  Thanks for all of your help!Mike Crews

After a lot of research and weighing the pros and cons of custom made versus off the shelf, I decided for my next set I wanted a set of custom made golf clubs.  I found Tony Wright and Game Improvment Golf on Tom Wishon’s website under club fitters.  I contacted Tony and we began a very thorough process of swing analysis to determine my capabilities and club needs.  After trying different club head and shaft combinations, we identifed the heads and shafts needed to optimize my potential.

I have been greatly pleased with my experience in working with Tony.  However, the most pleasing aspect of this experience has been the results with the new clubs.  I am a 68 year old who was playing in the high 70s and low 80s.  With my new clubs, over a period of a few months, I am now playing consistently in the low to mid 70s with an occasional visit to the high 70s.  I am thrilled with my new clubs and the total experience with Tony Wright and Game Improvement Golf, and highly recommend Tony to anyone who is interested in improving their game.Ron Fitch
Fairfield Glade, TN

I want to thank you for your fine work. You are a caring craftsman. From our first phone conversation, to our most recent finished project, you have demonstrated excellence and integrity in our dealings. It is obvious that you care very much about making the best club possible.  I appreciate it!

I have had clubs that were “fit” to me before.  But, none of them compare with the set you made me.  I am stepping up to the ball with confidence.  The mid and long irons are the easiest to hit that I have ever owned.

If anything were to ever happen to these clubs I would be on the phone with you immediately to replace them. Thanks again.Bruce D Johnson

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I am extremely pleased with the new grips and driver shaft that you did for me recently.  I was a bit unsure of the driver at first, but after playing with it a few times I absolutely love it.   I have been hitting the ball off the tee about 40-50 yards further than I was previously, and it’s laser straight.  Just wanted to say thank you again.Tony Salyers
I just had to share this with you. My offset driver is great. Every tee shot went straight down the fairway when I played on the Ladies Golf League on Monday. Now that my ball is going straight I go well past the 150 yards marker. This driver has really enhanced my game.Cassandra Osborne
Dear Tony – Thank you for the time and attention to detail that was put into building my clubs. After hitting them for a few months now, I have never felt more in control of my golf swing. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone I know, regardless of skill level. I can’t say enough good things about this experience. If anyone out there is looking for truly fitted clubs, then this is the way to go!Amit Patel
Once you experience a truly thorough club fitting, you will understand why just picking a golf club off the rack is a crap shoot. The clubs the pros use may look the same as those on the shelf, but the similarities stop there.

I was amazed at the difference in performance of different shafts paired with the same club head; and likewise different club heads with the same shaft! Tony Wright analyzed all aspects of my swing and stance and tried numerous combinations of heads and shafts to build the perfect clubs for my game. The clubs feel just like they were “made for me” and I’m hitting farther and with more consistency. I would strongly recommend a personal club fitting for anyone wanting to take their game to the “next level.John Foust

Thanks so much for the help with the Tour Lock Pro putter weighting system. It has certainly made a difference in my putting. After about a couple of weeks practicing with the system, I went 3-0 in a match play tournament and was named MVP of the team and the next week won the Knoxville PGA Chapter Championship. The system really works and I recommend it to any skill level to help putting.Scott Masters
PGA Professional
I just wanted to tell you…… I LOVE MY NEW PUTTER!!!! I have had it now almost a month and it, along with your help, has cut my putting strokes down. I love the feel, the weight and how much smoother I am able to stroke the ball. THANK YOU for working with me. I will be back to get more improvements.Mike
Just want you to know how much I am enjoying the new driver your made for me. Right from the start it has been the most reliable straight hitting club in my bag. Lately I have been working exclusively with it, trying different setups and swing adjustments. Results have been very positive. It’s so satisfying to work with a club specifically designed around my abilities and limitations.

I am now, fairly consistently, getting that little low draw that gives me that extra 20 yards or so. Wow, does that feel good. Thanks for working so well with me for something that means a lot to me.Doug

I had asked Tony Wright to create a custom made driver to suit my particular swing parameters and to see if we could improve things. I play golf both for fun and tournament golf at the state level, I currently carry a 10 handicap. After spending quite a few hours with Tony and his equipment, he collected all the specifics needed to make a wonderful new driver for me.

With this new driver I have increased total driving distance and accuracy, improved my results in tournaments because of this and scored my personal best score to date of a 73. A score I am sure will go lower once I am fully comfortable with this new club. I would highly recommend Tony’s services to all golfers, at all levels. He does a wonderful job.Adria

I am your greatest advocate. I just shot a 79 yesterday!! my lowest round ever. The key– my tee shots!! Thanks again for providing me with my driver it’s a pleasure to use.Peggy
Just wanted to thank you for the driver and the effort you put in to finding the shaft, it works very well and I am very pleased. I also wanted to let you know that I scored an eagle this Tuesday at hole number 6, 475 yard par 5, at River Islands in Kodak TN. I used the Wishon driver off the tee and had 217 left to the pin. I then hit the 3 wood you built for me to 12 feet and sank the uphill putt. The neat thing was the fact that both the driver and 3 wood felt exactly the same in the swing. A true testament to MOI matching and club fitting. Thanks again.Duane