The SAM PuttLab

CONQUER Putting!


Putting – the great golf equalizer.

The one area where you can equal or beat a tour pro!


The Science and Motion Sports (SAM) PuttLab is a putting analysis and training system based on extremely accurate ultrasound measurements.  The SAM analyzes the 28 most important putting stroke parameters.  Analysis of SAM PuttLab data allows you to develop putting improvement and training strategies to reach their TRUE putting potential.

Watch this short video that shows the wealth of putting information that comes from the SAM PuttLab:

SAM PuttLab Demonstration Video

Here is what two of the golfers who had their strokes analyzed with the SAM PuttLab said:


Tony, I really enjoyed the SAM PuttLab. Prior to the session, I had no clue as to what contributed to my putting issues.  In 20 minutes I had a clear understanding of my flaws as well as how to fix them. I learned more about putting in 20 minutes than I have learned in playing golf for 15 years.”

“Tony – The SAM PuttLab was awesome.
The suggestions were easy to apply and very helpful.
The information picked up … was astonishing. I felt like I was in a tour studio.
It gave me more confidence in my putter and in my putting skills.”