The Value Of “Golf Imperfection!”

Are The Best Golfers

Good At Golf Imperfection?

Golf Imperfection

Well UG I caught a cold this weekend.  And I hate being sick – and not feeling very creative.

But – Adam Young from Adam Young Golf has come to the rescue with a terrific recent blog post he wrote that is worth sharing.  Here it is…

Adam Young – The Secret Behind Hitting Perfectly Straight Shots!

As usual with Adam, there is some brilliant information in this post.  So I ask you..

  • In your great scoring rounds, do you hit a lot of perfect shots – or perhaps just good overall results?
  • Should you be striving for perfect swings and perfect results in your practice then?

Food for thought.  Now back to resting (though later today I am doing a Podcast Interview with Adam – and we will talk about some of the information in his blog post!).

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