Wishon 919 Driver!

The Wishon 919 THI Driver Head

Custom – YES!!



Here are the facts about the  Wishon Golf 919 THI Driver – not marketing hype and fancy names and “technology” that changes every year – just the truth!

  • The ONLY driver in the world available in custom loft, lie angle, and face angle – EACH spec independent of the other.  Lofts between 8 and 16.5 degrees, lie angles from 4 degrees flat to 4 degree upright, face angles 4 degrees open to 4 degrees closed – IN ANY COMBINATION!
  • Cup face construction to increase off-center hit performance.  Wishon Golf INVENTED cup face driver construction in the mid 1990s!!
  • Variable face thickness to allow off-center areas of the face to flex inward more than possible with a single face thickness. The result – higher COR and higher ball speed for off-center hits for more off-center shot distance.
  • Because of 7 different face thickness inspections and checks during production – 98% of Wishon 919 THI heads come from the factory with smash factors between 1.48 and 1.50 (COR between 0.825 and 0830).    You know you will get great performance with a great fit!
  • As my friend AGCP Master Fitter Bill Weitzel – Conquest Custom Golf – says – “Nothing Is As Forgiving As A 919!”


Performance – Forgiveness – Custom Loft / Face Angle / Lie Options – the Wishon 919 THI Driver Head.  Combined with a Game Improvement Golf true custom driver fitting, here’s what will happen for YOUR Golf Game…


And the metal woods, WOW – I have never had a set I could hit so well…

And the driver SMOKES!”