Young Golfers ARE Golfers!

Custom Fitting Matters For Young Golfers Too!

Emerson Clubs

In the past few weeks, it has been FUN to work with a number of young golfers of different skills, ages, and capabilities.  My AGCP club fitting friends always say that – when working with young players – fit them like you would any golfer.  So far, this has been very wise advice!  Here are some examples of working with three young golfers of different skill levels…

  • The first of these is my terrific 7-year-old grandson Emerson!  In his case, he had a starter set of clubs I had purchased for him about 4 years ago.  Now they are much too short for him, and so I "have" to build him some new clubs to play with!  The driver in the starter set was way short for him – 30 inches long.  Clearly he will keep growing quickly, and right now needs some clubs that are easy to hit and that can work for him for at least a year or so.  The picture above is of a 20 degree fairway wood and 8/9 hybrid iron (730CL from Wishon Golf) that are about finished.  Both clubs will be about an inch or two long for him now and he can grip then down an inch or so – and both have very soft flex shafts and light overall weights so that will be easy to swing.  No driver yet – seeing the golf ball get up into the air is the prime mission right now.
  • The second is a 9th grader who will be starting to practice with his high-school golf team in a few weeks.  In his case, his swing speed is about 65 mph with his 6 iron and about 70 mph with his driver.  He needed a set of clubs that will work well for his game now, and that have good quality heads so that they can be modified later as he grows and gets stronger.  His bag now includes a 13 degree driver (which he can carry in the air over 150 yards and get nearly 200 yards total distance), an 18 degree fairway wood (again, getting good launch at his lower swing speed important), and Wishon 771CSI irons with soft flex HYBRID shafts to help him get higher launch and more distance at his present swing speed.  Using hybrid shafts in irons is a great option for golfers who have lower swing speeds and need to get high launch.  For him, the 771 irons can be reshafted later as necessary when he gets stronger.
  • Finally, the is a 14 year-old high school golfer who also plays in many of the local junior events in the area.  He wanted an evaluation of the shafts he is presently playing in his TaylorMade MB irons, and also an evaluation of his driver and fairway wood.  His 6 iron swing speed is about 77 mph and his driver swing speed is about 90 mph.  He plays Dynamic Gold S300 shafts in his irons – and actually these performed better for him than softer flex options we tested (a bit of a surprise…).  With his driver, he increased his carry distance by over 20 yards to about 200 yards (240 total distance) by moving the ball forward some in his stance.  His fairway wood was the big "a ha!" of the testing.  A 2 degree closed face angle and a 49 gram fairway wood shaft – not a good fit for his swing – he hits a lot of low hooks with this club, no surprise!  

It is a real blast to get to work with young golfers – and true custom fitting can make as much of a difference for them as for us older folks!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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031 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Dr. Joan Vickers Interview – Putting “Quiet Eye!”


Learn To Use "Quiet Eye" To Improve Putting Performance!

Joan Vickers

Welcome to Episode 31 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

A GREAT U.S. Open Final Round – and go get em, Dustin Johnson!!

Interview with Dr. Joan Vickers, Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Calgary University

  • How the concept of "Quiet Eye" came about, and Dr. Vickers' role in learning about its importance in improving Sports Performance.
  • How to best apply Quiet Eye techniques to improve putting performance.
  • What golfers experience when they have successfully applied Quiet Eye techniques to their putting.
  • Dr. Vickers talks about some of the most satisfying success stories related to applying Quiet Eye to improve Sports Performance.
  • Some of the most recent new learning related to applying Quiet Eye techniques.
  • Finally – Dr. Vickers provides some final takeaways for golfers to remember to help them apply Quiet Eye to their putting.

Thanks So Much, Joan, for this engaging discussion about Quiet Eye and improving putting performance!

Useful Web Links:

To learn more about Dr. Joan Vickers and her research – Click HERE!

Subscribe to Research Gate to access numerous Quiet Eye technical studies – Click HERE!

To read a good article on the Quiet Eye in Putting – Click HERE!

To learn about her book Perception, Cognition, and Decision Training … – Click HERE!

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What Did You DO To My Golf Clubs!

Learn More At My Mizuno Fitting Day, June 27!

Mizuno Logo 022314About four years ago, I spent two days with Dana Upshaw at Dana Golf in Warner Robbins, GA. – doing my best to soak up his club fitting knowledge.  I quickly noticed how he obtained great results with Mizuno irons and the Mizuno iron fitting system.  I decided then that Mizuno would be the one OEM iron fitting cart that I wanted to have available for golfers.  

In 2014 I realized that goal, and started using the Mizuno iron fitting system in my iron fittings.  I have had some very good success with Mizuno irons, for the following reasons….

  • I quickly learned that the Mizuno DNA Shaft Optimizer system works better than I could have expected.  In almost every successful Mizuno fitting, the final shaft choice has come from applying this Shaft Optimizer tool.
  • As I expected the quality of the Mizuno irons is excellent and fittings often result in high shot smash factors, increased distance, and good shot consistency.
  • I spent a day at the Mizuno R&D Center near Atlanta, GA this past April – this helped me learn how to better use all of the options in the Mizuno fitting cart in my custom fittings.
  • The majority of golfers who I have fit into Mizunos have realized that I can improve the performance of their clubs by doing a final club rebuild – to MOI Match their irons, and also FLO their iron shafts.  This makes a great Mizuno product perform even better.  

My consistent feedback from Mizuno customers – where I have also MOI Matched the irons and FLOed the shafts – is that they not only get improved distance, but the feel and consistency of their shots are better than expected.

I hope to show you more at the Mizuno Fitting Day at the Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge, TN on Saturday June 27 – from 10 am to 2 pm!

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030 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Dana Upshaw Interview – A Custom Club Fitting Craftsman!


100 Customer Hole In Ones – And Counting!!

Dana Upshaw Podcast ImageWelcome to Episode 30 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Interview with Dana Upshaw from Dana Golf in Warner Robbins, GA

  • Dana talks about how he became a custom club fitting craftsman.

  • He talks about how he combines his continued interest in testing to improve his club fitting expertise, and his knowledge of the golf swing, to help golfers play their best.

  • Dana discusses the most important thing he has learned about club fitting in the last year.

  • 100 of Dana's customers have had a hole in one!  Dana talks about some of his most interesting golfer success stories.

  • Finally, Dana talks about the most important things golfers need to know about custom club fitting.

Dana Thanks for sharing your knowledge with golfers!

Useful Web Links:

You can contact Dana Upshaw and Dana Golf at and (478) 328-7888

To view a video where Dana talks about Custom Club Fitting – Click HERE!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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2 Grams = 10 Yards!

You Don't Know Until You Test!

DPH Surprise 060115Surprises are wonderful – and by their nature not necessarily expected.  A golfing friend recently purchased a set of Mizuno JPX 850 irons from me (True Temper XP 115 R flex taper tip shafts) and the performance testing we did indoors showed good performance results.  But – before doing the final build of any iron set – I always build one or two test clubs and have the golfer hit shots outside on the range, to confirm performance where he can see actual ball flight.

I am a big believer in building golf clubs to MOI (Moment of Inertia) rather than Swingweight Matching – in 2009 I wrote a post discussing the difference and the value of MOI Matching.  For this golfer I built two test clubs – a 6 iron and a 9 iron – to the MOI specs from the club fitting.

So – we went on the range and he hit some shots and the results looked good.  But during these types of final tests, I always like to add some weight (with lead tape) to the test clubs and "see what happens."  Well – first 9 iron shot with 2 more grams – OBVIOUS 10 yards more carry distance!  I watched him hit some more longer shots with the added weight.  Then we went back to the 6 iron and added more weight – same results – about 10 more yards carry distance.  

Now – I cannot tell you exactly why this happened for this golfer.  For sure the golf clubs became – with just a small amount of added weight – a better fit for him (improved feel and performance).  But I DO know that we would never have found the correct final "best fit" without this final testing step.  As good as it gets!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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029 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Juan Gutierrez Interview – Make More Putts!


New Putting Improvement Book Published!

MMP cover jpegWelcome to Episode 29 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom clubfitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

My Memorial Day Weekend Present – I shot 73!

Interview with Juan Gutierrez, author of the new Putting Improvement book Make More Putts

  • How you came up with the Putting Improvement Process you used to win the 2011 World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship.
  • What things you believe golfers do not realize they should do to become great putters.
  • How you collected the putting drills in your book.
  • How you developed the Putting Assessment Process you describe in your book.
  • What is the relative importance of playing with a properly fit putter and developing a great putting stroke?
  • What are the best ways golfers can use Make More Putts to become Lights Out Putters!

Thanks Juan for your dedication to helping golfers improve their putting!

Useful Web Links:

To purchase Make More Putts from – Click HERE!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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Time For You To “Make More Putts!”

New Putting Improvement Book Available Next Week!

MMP cover jpegAbout a year ago it was my pleasure to develop a friendship with Juan Gutierrez – who was the 2011 World Hall of Fame Putting Champion.  Juan is about to release a terrific new Putting Improvement book – "Make More Putts."  The print version of the book will be available on next week, and the Amazon Kindle version will be available soon after that.

The book is organized around four major tasks for improving your putting: a) Assessing Your Putting Skills, b) Decide Where You Need To Improve Your Putting, c) Creating A Practice Plan, and d) Putting Drills.  I particularly like the Putting Skills Assessment process that Juan proposes, and also the Putting Drills section includes 150 different drills that golfers can use in their putting practice.

I have been fortunate to review several drafts of Juan's book over the past few months.  About a week ago, I read the "final" draft of the book, and was struck by two drills that I realized would help me improve my putting:

  • Keeping The Gap Constant.  This is a drill designed to help golfers to keep their hands quiet during their putting strokes.  Without going into the full details, you have your hands facing each other (and about a half inch apart), rotate your shoulders back and forth, and attend to keeping the distance between your hands constant.  I could immediately see that this drill would help me keep my hands quiet during my stroke.
  • Alignment Rods!  In this drill you use two alignment rods – one on the ground parallel to your target path, the other in your front belt loops to help you align your hips to your target.  Then you stroke putts, and make sure the rod in your belt loops does not move – you create your stroke through your shoulders.  This was a light bulb thought for me – of course I should keep my lower body still, but I am not sure I had done that in the past.  

If you are serious about creating a plan to improve your putting that works – consider adding "Make More Putts" to your golf improvement library.  And watch next week for my podcast, when Juan and I will talk about putting improvement that works!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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028 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Mike McFadden Interview – Swing Faster!


How To Hit The Golf Ball Farther!

Mike print 2011 - Version 2Welcome to Episode 28 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

This episode starts YEAR TWO of my Podcast – Thanks!

Way to go Bob Cooney – shooting 75 at age 76!!

James Sieckmann "Phase 5" Short Game Training System – WOW!

Interview with Mike McFadden – 30 year PGA Golf Professional, Custom Club Fitter, and Sports Director at the Jakobsberg Hotel and Golf Resort in Jakobsberg, Germany

  The single most important factor for increasing driving distance.

  The role of custom fitting in hitting your drives farther.

  Can anyone increase their driving distance?

  Tasks golfers can accomplish to hit their drives farther.

  Priorities for improving your driving distance.

  Common denominators for golfers who want to drive the golf ball farther.

Thanks Mike for teaching us to Swing Faster!

Useful Web Links:

To learn more about Mike at True Custom Fitting – Click HERE!

To learn about the Jakobsberg Hotel and Golf Resort – Click HERE!

To learn about the James Sieckmann "Phase 5" Short Game Training System – Click HERE!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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A Golfing Milestone!!

Way To Go, Bob!!

Bob CooneyMy long time and very best golfing buddy, Bob Cooney, achieved a wonderful golfing milestone today.  He shot 75 – one under his age – WOW!  I got to play with him and watch him do this – it was the best day.  WAY TO GO BOB!!



The Golf Improvement Podcast – Year 1!

Custom Club Fitting, Short Game Improvement, and

Effective Practice Techniques!

GIG_2Has it really been one year since the launch of The Golf Improvement Podcast?  It hardly seems that long.  Here is the breakdown of the content from this first year:

  • 27 episodes
  • 9 on custom club fitting, 7 on putting improvement, 10 on effective practice techniques, and 1 welcome
  • Most importantly – 24 interesting and terrific experts who did interviews!

My thanks to EVERYONE who did a podcast interview with me this year.  I hope you listeners had as much fun learning from each and every interview as I did.

Below is a link that will take you to all of the Year 1 Podcasts:

     Link To The Archive For Year 1 Episodes Of The Golf Improvement Podcast

And for those of you who wish to subscribe through iTunes to listen to The Golf Improvement Podcast – Click HERE!

This coming Tuesday I do the first interview for Year Two – and already have 5 terrific interviews scheduled.  I hope you keep listening!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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