023 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Ben Pellicani Interview – Putting Improvement Process!


Assess Skills – Plan – Stick To The Process!

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Welcome to Episode 23 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Interview with Ben Pellicani – Pelli Golf and Asst. Golf Coach, Lipscomb College

  How Ben became a golf instructor and putting instructor.

  Assessing Putting Skills and Creating Long-Term Improvement Plans.

  Some suggested putting improvement tasks and drills.

  Putting improvement success stories – sticking to the process!

  Specific takeaways for golfers who want to improve their putting.

Thanks Ben!  And my final comments on the interview – Assessment, Planning, and Sticking to the Improvement Process.

Useful Web Link:  To learn more about Pelli Golf – Click HERE!

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Mizuno Golf Professional Clubfitter Training Day

Yesterday I spent the day in Norcross, GA with Bill Price – the Custom Fit Program Manager at Mizuno Golf – and members of his staff.  Mizuno sponsors 1-Day training sessions for its professional club fitters.

Bill spent a lot of time talking about how fitters can use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer Tool.  This tool measures 5 key data points of the golf swing, and provides recommendations for the best shaft for a golfer based on these measurements.  My experience with this tool is that It Works – it provides some great starting point shaft and flex options for golfers.  Bill talked about the technical basis for the tool, and also provided lots of examples about how to use the tool for a wide range of golfers.

Bill also talked a new Wedge Optimizer Software addition to the overall Mizuno fitting software.  Mizuno now has about 25 different wedge head options in terms of loft and bounce – and the Optimizer Software can be used to find the best wedges for golfers to get the right distance gaps for their wedge shots.

Overall – great day of learning.  Thanks Mizuno and Bill!!

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Two Golfing Surprises!

Coming Soon – Two New Great Golfing Resources!

3 Surprises

Two new resources are coming for you soon that hopefully you will really enjoy.  Here is a little "sort of" sneak peek of both – but not enough info. to give things away (I am notorious for not being able to keep secrets!):

  • We had the worst winter weather here in Tennessee in years this past week.  No golf, ug.  But this lead me to work on something this past Saturday that I have been wanting to do for a few months.  After 4 hours of work on the computer, I came up against a software issue that I am getting help with.  BUT – if this gets worked out soon – I will send out another post this week.
  • The second item is actually going to be a dynamite resource for your golfing improvement.  It is not something I have personally done, but it is being created by a new friend (you know who you are!).  You will hear more about this in a few weeks.  


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022 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Trevor Ragan Interview – Train Ugly, Golfers!


Golf Improvement In The Modern World!

Train Ugly pic

Welcome to Episode 22 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Too cold here in East Tennessee!

Help me with my Driver Lie Angle Testing Project.

Interview with Trevor Ragan – the Train Ugly website!

  How Trevor became energized in the area of Performance Improvement.

  Mindset + Motor Learning = Train Ugly – what does that mean?

  Thoughts on helping Young and Older golfers to improve their skills.

  Trevor talks about some golf improvement success stories.

  Key takeaways for help golfers to improve their golf games.

  BONUS QUESTION – did John Wooden (legendary basketball coach) Train Ugly?

Trevor thanks - you are leading a Revolution in Performance Improvement!

Show Notes:

To learn more about the Train Ugly movement – Click HERE!

To watch a great video on Block vs Random Practice – Click HERE!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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Game Improvement Golf 2015 Reader Survey Results

Thanks For The Feedback!

feedbackA few weeks ago a number of you completed my first Annual Reader Survey.  I appreciate the time and input from those of you who completed it.  Here is a short summary of the results – with a few surprises:

  • 36 of you completed the Survey – 34 men and 2 women.  Eight of the respondents have handicaps under 10, the other 28 have handicaps higher that 10 (mostly between 10 and 20);
  • 18 of you said you enjoy my newsletter the most, 18 of you said you enjoy my blog and podcast the most;
  • 16 of you said you have read my book "The Fit Is IT!!";
  • I asked for feedback on the best area of your game – 12 said driving, 4 said fairway woods, 6 said irons, and 8 said short game;
  • When I asked where do you most wish to improve your game – 13 said short game, and 7 said consistency.  This was a bit of a surprise to me.  I think only 2 people said they want more distance in their driving.  Although…..if you remember a month or so ago, I wrote a blog post on how important Consistency is in club fitting and producing lower scores.  

So these results certainly give me food for thought in terms of the types of information to provide in the future.  Information on short game improvement and improving shot consistency looks to be high on the value list!

Any other feedback you want to provide? – Please Comment Below.

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021 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Robert Bjork and Mark McDaniel Interview – Learning and Golf!


The Modern Science Of Learning,

And Golf Improvement!

Make It StickBjork Learning and Forgetting








Welcome to Episode 21 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

A great PGA Equipment Show – Why Are Driver Lie Angles So Upright – Does It Matter? – Let's Do Some Testing!

Podcast Interview with Dr. Robert Bjork (Director of UCLA Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab) and Dr. Mark McDaniel (Professor of Psychology at Washington Univ. in St. Louis and co-author of "Make It Stick!)

Robert and Mark talk about….

  Their Stories – how they became interested in Learning Science

  "Desireable Difficulties" – in the context of Learning Golf Skills

  Should golfers ever have "Instant Amnesia" when playing golf?

  Discussing some personal Golf Learning Success Stories

  Their best "Make It Stick" advice for golfers

Thanks Robert and Mark for providing great information for golfers!

Useful Web Links:

Amazon.com link to "Make It Stick" – Click HERE!

Dr. Robert Bjork, UCLA Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab – Click HERE!

Dr. Mark McDaniel, Washington University CIRCLE – Click HERE!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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One Putter For Life!

Be Custom Fit For YOUR Putter,

Then Practice To Become A GREAT Putter!

SeeMore Training Jan 24

Thanks to the SeeMore Putter folks for sponsoring a wonderful training session at the Mike Bender Academy in Lake Mary, FL (north of Orlando) on Saturday January 24.  The SeeMore folks talked about the benefits of their putters.  Ben Pellicani – from Pelli Golf located near Nashville, TN – was the main trainer for the session.  He provided us with a number of nuggets to help us improve our putting instruction – as well as insights that can help golfers putt their best.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ben showed us how he takes video of his student's putting strokes – from down the line, face on, and looking closely down the line at just the ball during the back and forward strokes.  I learned some ways to improve this in my putting instruction;

  • Ben showed us a number of training aids that he uses in his instruction – first Balance Disks to help golfers find their best balance in their putting setup, second 6 foot rings from egolfring that can be used for practicing speed control on long putts.  Both of these can be used by golfers to help their putting practice;

  • Ben talked about setting up practice stations for hitting shorter putts – but instead of focusing on straight putts, set these up for breaking putts.  That way, you can be practicing and learning about creating the correct line and speed for these putts;

  • Near the end of the session, I was struck by him saying that Zach Johnson – who has used one SeeMore Putter for the past 12 years – has been using essentially the same practice drills for 12 years.  The night before, I talked with a golfer who is a TERRIFIC putter – and he noted how he is VERY careful to not let his putter out of his sight!  The takeaway for golfers is this – if you truly want to become a great putter, a good approach is to be custom fit for a putter that you will stick with and love, and then practice the right things the right way.

Again – this was a terrific learning session, thanks SeeMore and Ben!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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2015 PGA Equipment Show – Day 3 On The Floor

Day Five – Another Great PGA Equipment Show!

PGA 3 2015This picture shows the exit from the Show – sad to go, but another great week.  Here are a few more things that impressed me today at the Show:

  • Greg Rose and Dave Phillips from the Titelist Performance Institute did a Main Stage presentation on flexibility screening.  The focus today was again on flexibility screening (the "big 5" – ankle, hip, spine, shoulder, and wrist) and how golfers can improve based on the results.  A few tidbits from their presentation are: a) they said that kids should not be allowed to specialize in a particular sport until they are 14 to 15 years old (interesting!); b) they talked a bit about golf and tennis elbow – and said that, if a golfer cannot easily recover from one of these, it might help to sleep with his/her hands down at their sides; and c) Greg Rose noted that his favorite exercise to help women to improve wrist strength is one using a kettlebell and lifting it over their heads (I tried to find a video for this but so far have not, will keep searching).

  • Greg Rose mentioned Aline Systems, who make shoe inserts and who were actually at the Show.  After the TPI presentation I went to their booth and was fitted for a set of inserts.  These improve the alignment of your legs and ankles.  I bought these and am wearing them – and so far they feel excellent.

  • Pure Grips are designed to be installed by blowing them on with an air compressor. They are an excellent grip – and they are now using a new process that makes the grips feel a lot softer in your hands.  They are available from many custom club fitters, and are worth considering the next time you change your grips.

  • There were a lot of GPS distance devices shown at the PGA Show.  But one of the most interesting ones was the Voice Caddie – the VC300.  You clip this device to your golf hat, click it – and it gives you front, middle, and back distances to the green your are playing. Yes, not as sophisticated as some devices – but if you want just a little bit of help, it is worth considering.

Well bye 2015 PGA Equipment Show – it has been fun!

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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2015 PGA Equipment Show – Day 2 On The Floor

Day Four – Better Than Anticipated!

good, better, best typographyWhen I have attended the PGA Show in the past, Day 2 on the floor has been kind of "cleaning up loose ends."  Well – not this year.  Here are some of the goodies that I discovered today – quite a fun day!

  • The highlight of the day for me was listening to a presentation by Dr. Bhrett McCabe at the TPI "FIT To WIN" area.  Dr. McCabe is a Performance and Sports Psychologist.  He talked about – in my own words – the importance of failure in improving sports performance.  I took LOTS of notes – one of my favorite quotes from his talk was "We do not train people to fail under a safety net."  Just a wonderful presentation full of useful information.
  • I have been hearing a lot about the new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.  I was fortunate to be able to "walk and talk" with the developer of this golf ball.  He noted that Phil Michelson will be playing it on tour this year.  It is a soft compression ball that can perform well for many levels of golfers.  I just bought a dozen on line and cannot wait to test it.
  • Aerotech Golf Shafts are a favorite of custom club fitters (my most popular graphite iron shaft) and becoming used more and more by Tour Pros (PGA, Champions Tour, LPGA).  Chris Hillary, the President of Aerotech, showed 3 new hybrid shafts (75, 90, and 100 grams) and a new fairway wood shaft that will be available this year.  If the past is a predictor, these will be great shafts for golfers.

  • Ben Hogan golf equipment is back.  They had a booth at the Show and they displayed a beautiful new line of irons and wedges.  An interesting part of these irons is that they are not labeled with iron numbers – like 6 iron, etc.  They are labeled with club lofts – like 28 degrees.  Golfers will have the opportunity to choose the individual lofts of the irons they purchase.

  • The Bracketron XVenture Mount N Click Kit can be used to connect a tablet or smart phone to a tripod. But it ALSO has a Bluetooth Remote so that – for example, if you want to record some of your own golf swings – you can start the recording when you wish.  Neat little device!

Quite a interesting, fun, and productive day.

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2015 PGA Equipment Show – Day 1 On The Floor

Day Three – Bigger Than Ever!

PGA 1 012115

Today was the actual Day One on the exhibit floor at the 2015 PGA Equipment Show.  I am pretty certain there were more people here today than at any of the other 4 times I have attended the Show.  

Here are a few short highlights of things I saw at the Show today:

  • Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute gave an excellent talk about the importance of flexibility to create a good golf swing.  We all did screening tests for ankle, hip, spine (top 3 in importance to golf he said), shoulder, and wrist flexibility. He also talked about strategies golfers can use to compensate for some of their flexibility issues.  Any golfer who is serious about playing his best needs to have a TPI flexibility screening done;
  • While I visited a number of other booths, the ones I was most interested in were for the Rotex Flexibility machine (I plan to buy one), the Redzone Scoring App (pretty neat way to track your short game improvement), the Skypro (from SkyGolf) 3D motion sensor, and the Game-inGlove golf training aid (it includes a laser attached onto a golf glove, I ordered one);
  • For Rotex, Redzone, Skypro, and Game-inGlove, I was able to do some short audio interviews about the benefits of each – I will publish these in a Podcast sometime early next week.

Web Links:

TPI Flexibility Screening Tests – Click HERE!

Rotex – Click HERE!

Redzone Golf Combine – Click HERE!

SkyPro – Click HERE!

Game-inGlove – Click HERE!

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