Retrofitting Your Golf Clubs – What You Need To Know!

How To Ensure Success

Retrofit ClubsMaria Palozola is a Top 50 LPGA Golf Instructor, and she has developed a wonderful golf instruction website – MyGolfInstructor.  She has asked me to write some articles for her web site about putting improvement and custom club fitting, and so far I have completed four of these.

Recently this question was posted on her web site…

Hi Maria, I purchased a new set of irons last spring, but did not get them fitted. Since I've used them for a year already, can they still be fitted, or is this only done at the time of purchase of a new set? What exactly is done to the clubs when they are fitted?  Thanks. – Tim M. from Charleston, IL

When I saw the question, it looked a good opportunity to write a new article – because I am not sure golfers are aware of how to successfully have their golf clubs retrofitted.  So here is the link to the article I just completed for MyGolfInstructor on Retrofitting Your Golf Clubs.

And while you are on the MyGolfInstructor web site take a look around – there is some great golf instruction information there!

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026 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Interview with Dr. Bhrett McCabe – The Mindside!


Learning To Play Mental

Mindside PodcastWelcome to Episode 26 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

What a Masters – thanks Jordan Spieth AND Justin Rose!

Quote from Nick Saban – "It Takes What It Takes"

April 25 "Shoot Lower Scores" Day at the Centennial Golf Academy – 30 minute driver and iron testing sessions, email me at for more information!

Interview with Dr. Bhrett McCabe – Performance and Sports Psychologist, and creator of The Mindside Podcast.

  Bhrett's Story – and why he is doing The Mindside Podcast

  Comments on "I practiced, I should have played well."

  The importance of Adversity and Failure in Improvement.

  Thoughts on Practicing The Mindside.

  Bhrett's final thoughts for golfers who want to play their best.

Thanks Bhrett – for your knowledge AND for The Mindside Podcast!

Useful Web Links:

To learn more about Dr. Bhrett McCabe – Click HERE!

To subscribe to The Mindside Podcast – Click HERE!

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J C Penney’s And Golf!

J. C. Penney's Tag Line – "When It Fits, You Feel It!"

DPH JCP Fit 040615

I think it was about a year ago when I heard J. C. Penney's tag line "When It Fits, You Feel It!"  Darn – frustrating that I did not think of this as a tag line for my custom fitting help for golfers (but good for Penney's for thinking of this for them!).

All the same – we recently had great fun in two driver fittings that illustrate the importance of great feel in custom fittings:

  • The first was for a friend from Las Vegas who I roomed with on our recent golf trip.  He was playing a 46 inch driver with a 2 degree closed face (draw bias).  He hits a lot of good drives, but has be very careful in his swing to not hit big hooks – so he sometimes hits pushes.  We found a good combination for him – Wishon 919 driver with 13 degrees of loft and 0.5 degree closed face angle, 48 gram Aerotech shaft, 45-1/2 inch driver length.  He carried his first shot with this test club about 7 yards longer than with his present driver.  But the best part of the new driver is that he now hits a slight push or a little draw – and does not have be so careful with his driver swings.  And his driver smash factor increased from about 1.42 to 1.46 – more center hits.
  • The second fitting was with a golfer who was also playing with a 46 inch driver, who again had an inside to outside swing path, and whose bad miss was again a big hook.  Getting the club face and club path at impact close to each other is a key to hitting straighter shots.  For him, the best combination was a Wishon driver – 10.5 degree loft and 0.5 degrees closed face, a shaft that was tip soft because he has an early release, a 44-1/2 inch driver length, and 12 grams of added weight (using lead tape) to the driver head.  When we went from 8 grams to 12 grams of head weight, his carry distance increased (first shot) by more than 10 yards.  His driver smash factor increased – compared to his present driver – from 1.41 to 1.49, his carry and total distances increased, and he loved the overall feel of the new driver.

So when you hear J. C. Penney's TV ads, I hope you will consider buying what they are selling – but maybe also think – just a little? -about how custom fitting can help your golf game!

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025 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Golf Trip Learning!


Learning A New Way To Play Golf!

What's Your Plan - Ready Planning for Success StrategyWelcome to Episode 25 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

I just returned from my Annual Golf Trip.  My goals for my golf shots during the trip:

  Pick a target (landing spot for short game shots).

  Commit to and hit the shot.

  Love the good shots, evaluate the poor ones – then Let Go.

  Have fun no matter what.

  Keep head up at all times – Walk Like A Champion.

  Listen to the podcast and hear what happened!

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Six, Rain Out!

We played one hole today, and then the rains came.  So we headed home from a great golf trip.

If you have been following my golf trip posts, hope you will listen to my Podcast tomorrow about my overall lessons learned from the trip to help me improve my game.

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Five

Ah, Some Difficult Lessons!

Jack ChampCongratulations to my buddy and roommate Jack Bagocus – the winner of our annual Golf Trip Cup for best total net score for the last 3 days of golf.

My golf was not close to stellar today – started out OK with 42 on the front nine but 48 on the back nine – with 5 double bogies including 4 on the last 4 holes.  Ouch!  And I let "score" get in the way of "play."

We played a neat old-style course, Ocala National, today.  I simply could not hit good bunker shots, and had 5 double bogies from bunkers.

But I believe there are two good lessons I learned from my play today, that hopefully I will remember in the future:

  • First – if there is a shot that you are having trouble hitting – it makes it worse to get upset with yourself in the course about that.  Decide to work on technique later, and do not let your shot performance affect other parts of your game, 
  • Second – if for example you are having issues with bunker shots – do your best to not hit shots into bunkers!  On 2 of the last 4 holes I could have laid up a little short of bunkers instead of attempting "hero" shots – smart course management.

One more golf trip day, then home.  Let's see if I can keep these lessons in mind tomorrow.

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Four

Pink Ball Day – What, Pressure?

Pink Ball

Today we played at Stone Creek Golf Course in Ocala, and it was "Pink Ball" Day.  Each golfer in a foursome has to play the "pink ball" every four holes, and their score counts no matter what.  Very windy conditions today.

I played the pink ball 5 times, and I think my net score with it for the five holes was 4 over par. Not exceptional for sure.  But if I had done this in the past, I would have beaten myself up about not doing well and that would have affected the rest of my game.  Today I did not let any missed shots keep me from enjoying my golf round.  

I shot 43 – 41 today – 84.  I drove the ball well today, and putted much better than the other 3 days.  I hit two poor bunker shots that lead to double bogies.

My best shot of the day was a pitching wedge from the edge of the water on a par 5.  I hit a drive that I thought was in the middle of the fairway but it rolled to the right and almost went in the water.  I big-time concentrated on hitting a good wedge shot to get back to the fairway, and made par on the hole.

Tomorrow is our last day in Ocala – we play Ocala National which we have never played before, and it is supposed to be challenging.  Should be fun!

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Three

Did I PLAY Well?

Today we played an enjoyable course, Juliette Falls in Ocala, FL.  I was 4 over par after 8 holes (after making a good birdie on #6) and doing pretty well.  And then not so well.  Shot 42 – 46 = 88 and only had 1 par on the last 9 holes.  Not my best scoring day, and did not enjoy the last 9 holes very much.

I think I 3 putted probably 6 greens today, simply could not feel the speed on long putts.  Near the end of round, I realized I was being too "handsy" on long putts and this will make it difficult to control speed.

When I got back to my hotel room, I received an email from a friend in Knoxville who asked me "did I play well?"  And boy then it hit me.  I did NOT play well.  Play should have nothing to do with the score, play should be all about hitting each shot as best as you can, learning from it, moving on, and loving the great shots.  No – I did not PLAY well.  And hope I learn from that for tomorrow.

I did LEARN something – remembering to control my stroke with my shoulders and not my hands – that I believe will help my golf tomorrow.  That was good!

Tomorrow is Pink Ball Game Day – should be fun!

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2015 Golf Trip – Day Two

Kinderlou Forest – Wow Again!

KLForest hole4

Kinderlou Forest in Valdosta, GA provides a great golfing experience.  I scored well for me today – 40 (with 2 birdies and 2 doubles) – 43 for 83, if not my best, close to my best round ever here.

Two things stuck out for me today.  First again playing hole #4 – the toughest and most beautiful par 5 I get to play on this trip.  This picture does not do it justice.  It goes straight uphill for about the last 200 yards with a large ravine to the right.  I have never shot a par on this hole – and today double bogied it.  So it won again – but it should have!  I love this hole.

The second thing was a par 5 on the back.  I had made 4 bogies in a row, hit a great drive, had 200 yards to the green that doglegs right.  I made a poor swing and cut a 7 wood into the trees to right.  Tough little 40 yard low punch to get on the back of green to the right – I picked a landing target and paid super attention to making a good swing (remembered yesterday when missed a similar shot to make double).  I hit a great punch on the back of the green.  My best shot of the day.

My focus on targets was not as good as yesterday.  But I was pleased that I shot 40 on the front with 2 double bogies….hung in!  Just a great day of golf on a great golf course.

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2015 Golf Trip – Day One!

Lots Of Positives Today

Well this Golf Trip Day One mini-post comes later than I hoped.  We played Houston Lakes Golf Course in Perry, GA today.  My score was 41 – 45 = 86.  But score will always be what it is.  Today I had a target for every shot, cheered to myself when I hit a great shot (a number of times), and thought about what I did not do well when I missed some shots (a number of times also) and then let the shots go.  More missed short putts and more pushed drives that I would like.  But overall a fun day.

What I enjoyed the most today was picking a specific landing target for each short shot.  That made a difference.

Three double bogies in a row near the end of the round kept me from a score I would have been more pleased with.  Why? – each time I put two poor shots in a row together.

But my goal for the week is to attend to things that in the past have kept me from the potential to score well.  So I think it was a good start to the week.

Tomorrow playing a course that I love – Kinderlou Forest in Valdosta, GA.  Excited about the challenge.

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