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It is fun when golfers have an appreciation for how custom fitting can help their games.  This past week I had two stories to share of golfers who are aware that playing with a custom fit driver can make a difference in their games:

  • The first is a VERY good player, who recently bought a new driver, the claim was she was "fit" for that driver.  However, when she started playing with it should could not keep the ball from going to the right.  Her previous driver was about 5 years old – a bit smaller head, and a square face angle.  She brought the new driver to me so that I could measure the face angle and loft of it.  It was an "adjustable" driver so in principle you could vary the face angle and loft.  I measured that – in the most closed face position – the face was 5 degrees open at address!  She immediately realized the cause of her problems with this driver – I believe it is up for sale on eBay and she is back to playing with her "old reliable" driver.
  • The second was a lady who visited me today.  She just purchased a new driver in a store, and wanted to be sure it was the right length for her.  It was the correct length – but, again, this driver had an open face at address – in this case 3 degrees open.  She plans to practice with different driver settings and see if she can find one that will reduce the face angle.  Her normal "miss" is to the right, so the face angle of her driver is very important for her game.

​Many golfers – especially those who slice the ball or push the ball – can benefit from a face angle that is at least square and often a few degrees closed.  A slice is the result of a golf swing where the face is open to the swing path.  The less the face is open to the path, the less the ball will slice and in fact the more distance can be achieve.  An open face is exactly the WRONG way to go for these types of players.

So – find out the Face Angle of your driver – does it help you to hit your best drives?  If not, the right custom fit driver might help you stand in the fairway more often!!

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