My Counterbalanced Putter – Round 1!!

Counterbalanced putters – fit correctly – feel great!

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I have been interested, for a few months, in doing some personal testing with a "counterbalanced" putter.  Actually ANY putter that has added weight in the butt end of the putter is counterbalanced.  But the major golf club companies have touted "counterbalanced" putters as putters that are longer than normal length, with some counterweight added in the putter butt end.  The value of any counterbalanced putter is that added weight in the hands can help to smooth out a stroke and to help produce better speed control.

This picture shows my new "counterbalanced" putter.  It is a 36 inch SeeMore PTM3 counterbalanced putter model.  My normal putter length is 33 inches, I made it 36 inches long so I could grip it down to 33 inches.  The picture also shows some weights below the putter head.  These are Tour Lock Pro counter weights – 40, 60, 80, and 100 grams.

So I wanted to see if there is a counter weight option for me that would feel the best and produce good putting results.  However, before I did any testing for myself, the Assistant Pro at my club wanted to hit some putts with different weights.  He actually already uses a counterbalanced putter.  He liked the feel of mine, especially with either 40 or 60 gram counterweights in the shaft.

Then I did some initial testing for myself.  I hit 20 foot putts and 5 foot putts with each weight.  For me I felt like I had best feel and created the best stroke with the 80 and 100 gram weights.  In particular, I felt like I could more easily feel the clubface and hit better short putts with the 80 and 100 gram weights.

The point for YOU?  Well, like all "one size fits all" putter options – if you go to a store and hit putts with a counterbalanced putter you might like the feel.  But who knows? – it would be better to find a way to test with a lot of different counterweight options – you might find a specific amount of counterweight that will REALLY give you best results!

I have called this post "Round 1" because I want to do some additional testing soon.  Today I ordered some additional counterweights to test with – what are called "Opti Vibe" weights.  These are weights that can be inserted down the shaft – so you can see if the location and amount of counterweight can improve the feel of the putter and produce improved results.  More in the next blog post!

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