My Single Length Fairway Wood Experiment!

My Single Length Fairway Wood Experiment…

A Promising Start!!

Single Length Fairway Wood Experiment

It seems to me that if you are to suggest that something works, you should find out if it works for you.  In that spirit – after last week’s podcast interview with Tom Wishon about his new EQ-1 NX line of single length clubs, I decided to build two new fairway woods to put in my bag – the EQ-1 NX 4 wood and 7 wood.

So some background first.  My present set of fairway woods have been Wishon 950 MC woods – 3, 5, and 7 woods.  The 7 wood – 40-5/8 inch length – has always been my most “go to” fairway wood – good shots are about 170 to 175 yard carry, and it is the easiest of my fairway woods to hit.  The 3 wood – 42-5/8 inch length – has always been the most difficult of my fairway woods to hit. When I “nut” it I can carry it at most 195 yards, but most often around 185 to 190 yards – or less.

So I built my new EQ-1 NX fairway woods based on the length and MOI of my old 950 MC 7 wood – 40-5/8 inch length, MOI of 2,800 – and using the same shaft – Aldila NVS 75 R – and same 1 inch tip trimming I used in the past.  EQ-1 4 wood loft 17 degrees, 7 wood loft 21 degrees (like my 950 MC 7 wood).

I finished the new EQ-1 NX fairway woods early Sunday morning and hit some shots on the range on Sunday afternoon.  Initial impressions – promising!  Good shots with the 7 wood as good or better than with my 950 MC, and good shots with my new 4 wood longer than those with my 7 wood.  They are in the bag!

I think playing with the new EQ-1 NX fairway woods is going to be a win for me. WHY?  More Shot Consistency.  Once I fully adapt to the new 4 wood length, I believe I will see good distance but more importantly more good 4 wood shots that I hit with my previous 3 wood.  And quite frankly, for my 71 year old swing speed, a 4 wood loft is a better long fairway wood option for me.

So now a “dilemma” or maybe better an opportunity!  Now with only 13 clubs in my bag, is there another club I can add that will help me eek out some scoring improvement?  Well, I have ideas and more on that later!


A LITTLE BONUS!  Scott Fawcett, creator of DECADE Course Management System, posted a short video last night with some excellent thoughts related to applying his DECADE Foundations app – Learn At THIS LINK.




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