Putter Grip On “Straight?”

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Putter Grip On "Straight?"

Putter Grip On "Straight?"Last week a golfing friend asked to install a new grip on his Scotty Cameron 38 inch Counterbalanced putter.  See the picture above of the final grip install –  pretty abismal, don't you think?


A few months ago, I had a conversation with a good club fitting friend, Russ Ryden from Fit2Score Golf.  He talked some with me about installing putter grips, and mentioned at least one "pretty well known" PGA Tour Pro who does not necessarily have his putter grip on square – and Russ suggested I try this.

So – back to the putter grip shown above.  When I first installed it I did all that I could to ensure that it was on "straight."  When I handed the putter to him, he said he did not like the way the grip set up, and that the face looked open to him at address.  So I thought – why not experiment! – and I turned the grip a little to the right for him and said how about now?  He loved it – felt great to set up the putter at address, and when I checked aim at address it was dead on.

Last Friday I asked him about his putting.  He said he continues to love the way his putter now sets up, and that he is putting well.

Well, this experience has changed everything that I think about installing putter grips.  I no longer will assume that putting the grip on straight – with the flat part perpendicular to the face of the putter – is optimal.  As much as I can, I will make sure that the golfer touches the putter, before I finish the grip installation to see how it sets up and feels for HIM!

Now – I am about to ship a finished putter to a golfer who lives 4 hours away.  What about him – well, he wanted a Round Putter Grip so no violation of my new rule!

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