Thanks Tom Wishon!

Thanks Tom Wishon:

Custom Club Fitting Matters!

Tom Wishon

"The Best Leave A Legacy" – Jon Gordon, Training Camp

Every time that I place an order with Tom Wishon Golf Technology for a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid head, I get a little note like the one above signed by Tom Wishon.  It looks like a "little" thing – but the best do the "little" things to promote the big things. Every one of these little notes demonstrates Tom's dedication to his total belief that Custom Club Fitting Matters for golfers to help them play their best golf.

You can read some specifics about Tom's career in his web site About page.  His book "The Search For The Perfect Golf Club" was what really got me interested in becoming a custom club fitter.  Tom has had that type of influence on many custom fitters, and also a huge influence on golfers who want to learn about Custom Fitting.  His "little" booklet (that word again) – "12 Myths That Can Wreck Your Golf Game" – I bet has been read by tens of thousands of golfers who wanted to learn more the truth about golf club performance.  His custom clubhead designs perform as well or better than anything else you can play with – and they are available to the exact specifications you need for your game.  A final "little" thing about Tom is when a custom fitter sends him an email, he can almost guarantee to get a response – often a long and detailed one – within an hour. 

Well, you might guess – if you do not already know – where this post is headed.  Tom Wishon and his wife Mary-Ellen are about to "semi-retire."  But he is doing it in the way that most of us would expect him to do it – continuing his dedication to custom club fitting and golfers.  He will continue to design new high-performance custom golf clubs. As of October 1, 2016, he is transferring the rights to the Wishon golf designs to Diamond Golf International – and doing this in a way that will ensure that U.S. custom fitters will continue to have easy availability to all of the present and future Wishon golf offerings.  So yes there will be change – but change in a way that is good for all.  So – Thanks Tom!

The Best Leave A Legacy!

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