051 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Dr. Joe LaCaze and Rotex Motion!

Learn About The Rotex Motion Machine And Exercises

To Reduce Injury And Improve Golfing Performance

Rotex Motion

Welcome to Episode 51 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Another GREAT Masters! – what about Jordan Spieth AND Danny Willett!

To read Bill Rand's "Eye On The Tour" blog post on Jordan Spieth's lessons from his seven on #12 – Click HERE!

Interview with Dr. Joe LaCaze, developer of the Rotex Motion machine and exercises to improve flexibility and reduce injury.

  • Joe discusses His Story – how injury lead him down the path to his passion.
  • He talks about some major ideas and thoughts that have guided his approach to helping athletes improve their flexibility and reduce injury.
  • Joe discusses the history of the development of the Rotex Motion machine, and his efforts during the past 2 years to develop a new version of Rotex Motion.
  • He talks about things that golfers and athletes need to be careful of in any type of flexibility improvement effort.
  • Joe discusses – from a golfer's standpoint – the things that are most important to remember about injury prevention and flexibility to improve golfing results.
  • He discusses two of his favorite Golfing Success Stories.
  • Finally, Joe provides some Final Words on how golfers can use Rotex to improve their golfing success.

Thanks for the great interview and information Joe!

Useful Web Links:

To learn more about the Rotex Motion Machine – Click HERE!

To learn more about the basic Rotex Motion Machine exercises – Click HERE!

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  • Brian Morrissey

    I have personally used Rotex to keep my body healthy and to heal after a car accident. It works wonders for injured golfers. I also use Rotex in my Power Golf Performance Studio to help clients with body issues from the ankles to the neck. Dr. Joe has also developed a few golf specific drills with the Rotex to help golfers add distance. I have had some clients pick up 20 yards in short order esp. those who have trouble with internal rotation of their hips. Now that Dr. Joe has a home version I have sold five to clients who cannot live without it. Thanks to Tony for bringing this great product to golfers attention and to Dr. Joe for all the people he has helped relieve pain and heal injuries.

    • AWrightDISQ

      Brian thanks for sharing your successes with Rotex. Pretty amazing!