Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons Are Here!

Demo Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons

Available To Test Drive Next Week!

Wishon Single Length Irons Are Here!

We had another great six days of golf in Georgia and Florida, and I arrived home last night.  For me lots to catch up on – rebuilding a set of irons for a good high school player, buiding two new Edel wedges for an ex Tennessee Vol golfer, and building a new hybrid and gap wedge for another golfer.  Not much time left to take a breath the next few days.

IN ADDITION THOUGH – my Wishon Sterling single length iron demo heads arrived in the mail this afternoon!  Here are some details on the demo Sterling irons that I am building.

  • I will make two sets of demo clubs.  One set of 5, 7, and 9 irons with Wishon S2S White 75 gram R flex shafts in them, and another set of 5, 7, and 9 irons with FST 115 gram A/R combo flex shafts in them.  The graphite shafted clubs will be a "soft" R flex, and the FST shafts will be tipped to an R flex.
  • All of the Sterling demo irons will be 36-1/2 inches long and at a 63 degree lie angle.  Approximately like a standard 8 iron.  All iron heads weigh 274 grams, again about the weight of a standard 8 iron head.

There was a recent article on the GolfWRX web site about the concept and development of the Wishon Single Length Sterling irons.  

I view testing with single-length irons as a bit of a grand experiment, and hope many of you near me who are interested will come to give my demos a test drive.  There is a good potential that playing single-length irons can help golfers create more consistency in their golf shots.  We will see!

If you are NOT near to the Oak Ridge area, here is a link for Where To Find AGCP Fitters Who Have Sterling Irons.

One Final Thing – There are 7 iron heads shown in the figure above – WHY? – ask in the Comments Section, and I will let you know!

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