050 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Greg Courtnay And Reducing “Way Too” Golf!

Greg Courtnay – 2016 ICG North American Clubmaker Of The Year:

Custom Clubfitting And Helping Golfers Reduce "Way Too" Golf!

Greg Courtnay Custom Clubfitting

Welcome to Episode 50 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Episode 50 – Really? – THANKS to all who have done interviews, and to all of you listeners – and to my wife Diane!

Yearly golf trip starts this week – been injured – but a good test for my "Fluid Motion Factor" learning!

Interview with Greg CourtnayCourtnay's Custom Clubs – and 2016 International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) North American Clubmaker of the Year.

  • Greg talks about how he became interested in custom club fitting.
  • He discusses some the the most important things he did and learned in his journey to become an excellent custom club fitter.
  • Greg discusses some of the elements of the process he went through to apply for and earn the recognition as the 2016 ICG North American Clubmaker of the Year.  He also discusses some of the things he learned from that application process.
  • He talks about his love for doing custom driver fittings to help golfers play play their best.
  • Greg talks about a few of the most satisfying custom fitting success stories he has experienced with golfers.
  • Finally – Greg suggests to golfers that they really "do their homework" when they are looking for a custom fitter to help them play their best.

Congratulations on your award Greg, and for this interesting interview!

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