48 Inch Drivers And YOU

48 Inch Drivers And YOU

A Little Background Info…

48 Inch Drivers And You

Yay DJ at the Masters – superb performance!  There was also a lot of buzz before the tournament about Bryson considering playing a 48 inch driver, and I “think” Phil played a 47-1/2 inch driver there – with not exciting results.

So – you know me if you read my posts here – I have not created a professionally fit driver longer than 44-1/2 inches long for years.  But I thought this week why not share some specs about what a 48 inch long driver might “look” like.

The picture in this post shows a 48 inch driver that I mocked up, and a Wishon 919 THI driver that I have played in the past.  Here are some comparison data…

  • The 48 inch driver I show has a 200 gram head that I had on hand.  Most of the drivers I build have total head weights a lot heavier.
  • With a 65 gram shaft and standard grip, the total weight of this “48 inches” is 316 grams.  My shorter driver weights about 330 grams – the difference mostly from some added head weight in my 919, and also a small counterweight in the butt end of the shaft.
  • The whole club MOI of my personally fit driver is 2830 kg-cm^2.  The measured whole club MOI of the “48 incher” is 3215 kg-cm^2.  Even though the weight of the longer driver is lighter, it feels a lot heavier to swing.  
  • Usually the “best fit” whole club MOI of the drivers I create – for men with swing speeds between about 80 to 110 mph – is between 2800 and 2900.  To optimize center club contact.

My belief is that, for most mortal golfers, it will be very difficult to hit a 48 inch driver in the center of the face consistently.  And center contact is what is is all about for great driver performance.  However, who knows – there might be some golfers out there who could hit a driver well at this length.

So – again more for fun and for the experiment than anything else – I have a 55 gram Aldila S flex driver shaft on order – and I will build out a 48 inch driver to have in my fitting center.  Yep I will hit it some and report some results – and anyone in the East Tennessee area who wants to experiment with this demo club – come and see me.  

I will have plenty of Dr. Scholls foot powder spray to use for some fun testing!  And if you cannot hit the center of the face, or even come close – well, the driver head I am using in this club is expendable…..






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