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This week I thought I would give you a little taste of some of the things what we discuss on the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) on-line forum. Below are a few of the topics that were brought up and discussed last week…

  • Putter balance points and shaft flexes – influence on putting performance.
  • How to increase golf club smash factor and distance.
  • Long drive club heads – what are some of the best.
  • Driver lengths – discussion of recent published articles.
  • Estimating maximum possible driving distance for golfers.
  • Optimal iron launch angles and influence on shot performance.

Pretty much a typical week of discussion topics and sharing of information to help AGCP members improve as True Custom Fitters.

Why do I mention this?  Well – “custom club fitting” has become a set of buzz words – and true custom fitting is great for all golfers.  

But just because someone SAYS they are a custom fitter does not mean they are. If you are considering a “custom fitter” – maybe a good thing to ask is What Do You Do To Improve Your Custom Fitting Skills Every Day?  

A fair question I think – and hey – YOU are the one who wants to Shoot Lower Scores!

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The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!



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