Aim Your Putter!

Aim Your Putter:

The Ryder Cup High-Performers Did!

Aim Your Putter

What a terrific Ryder Cup Sunday!  Well, today I spent about 2 hours watching some of the best of the best Sunday performers – Patrick Reed, Rory McElroy, Phil Michelson, Sergio Garcia, and Henrick Stenson – hit all of their putts.  How many birdies did they all make – at least 30 I think (Phil and Sergio made 19 alone in their match!).

All of them did two important things that helped them create lights-out putting results…

  • Four of the five of them were Very Intentional in how they aimed their putters at address.  Patrick, Rory, Phil, and Sergio made sure they had their putters aimed on their intended line before they set up to hit their putts.  Henrick did not seem to me to have the same type of intention before he set his stance – but he did take a few looks to adjust his putter face aim before hitting his putts.
  • All five of them had simply superb Speed Control for the putts they made.  I do not remember any of their birdie putts "pouring" into the hole.  They took full advantage of the size of the golf hole through great speed control.

Now sure – they all have wonderful consistent putting strokes that allow them ensure that they have the putter face pointed at their target at impact, and that produce great control of their speed.  But there are a few simple things YOU can do in your putting as well as they did!

  • First – I guarantee that each of them KNOWS that they can aim their putters at address on their intended lines.  Be sure you know that you can aim your putter at address well – and if not, find a putter that you CAN aim well.
  • Second – Aim First Then Set Your Putting Stance!  It is easy to forget to attend to this – but it can produce big dividends in how many putts you make when you play.
  • Phil Michelson jumped into the air when he made his 10th birdie yesterday, and Sergio Garcia kissed his putter when he sunk his 9th birdie – Why Not YOU!

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