An “Elegant” MOI Golf Club Matching Success Story!

MOI Golf Club Matching – LOWER SCORES

WAY TO GO Jim Brosnan!

MOI Club Matching

One dictionary definition of Elegant is (of a scientific theory or solution to a problem) pleasingly ingenious and simple.”  I think this applies to an MOI club matching success one of my golfing friends – Jim Brosnan – had with me last week.

About a year ago Jim visited me (he now calls my shop THE LAB – I like that!) to have me check the specs of his clubs.  I demonstrated to him the value of MOI golf club matching for some of his clubs.

A few months ago, he decided it was time for him to get some new irons.  He wanted a brand of iron that I do not carry, and was fit for these.  However, he also knew that there was another level of fitting that he could obtain from me – so he paid another visit to me to check his new clubs.

Before our session, I asked him to be sure to hit all of his clubs and provide me with some impressions of their performance.  He said two things in particular. There was one club, his new 5 iron, that just felt terrific to hit.  And he was not having good success with his shorter irons and was hitting a lot of thin shots.

A year ago, his “best performance” club MOI was 2726 kg-cm2.  He wondered if his new 5 iron would have an MOI somewhere close to 2726.  Well yes – 2724 – awesome!

So my “elegant” approach to adjusting his irons was to add lead tape to the hosels of his 6 iron through pitching wedge to achieve an MOI of 2724.  For example – I added 2 grams of tape to the 6 iron, and 7 grams of lead tape to the pitching wedge.

His report on the performance of his MOI adjusted irons? The short irons now performed great, the longer irons “were like rockets,” and he shot his Lowest Score Of The Year this past Friday!

Moment Of Inertia matching – rather than Swingweight Matching – is important to everything I do to help golfers to Shoot Lower Scores.  But YOU are the hero of this story Jim – for trusting me with your golf clubs – THANK YOU! 






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