Experimenting With Single Length Irons

Single-Length Irons – Are They For YOU?

Single Length IronsIn a recent podcast interview with Tom Wishon, and in my January newsletter, I talked about the new Wishon Golf Sterling single length irons that will be available in a few months.  It has been amazing to me to see the buzz that is occurring associated with these.  A few weeks ago, I learned that the first shipment (late March 2016) of Sterling iron heads was sold out.  Today I learned that the second shipment of these iron heads is ALSO sold out, and that Wishon Golf is taking orders for Sterling iron heads that will not be available until May 2016.  This is purely on the expecation by some golfers that the clubs will help them play better.  Truly amazing.  And Tom himself, in the podcast interview he did with me, cautioned golfers that as always "The Fit Is IT!!" and golfers need to be custom fit to determine if this approach will help them play their best.

I personally order two sets of 5, 7, and 9 iron single-length heads to use to make up some demo clubs, and these will arrive in late March.  But I don't want to wait until late March, and am creating some demo clubs now (Thank You Dave Hohnke!).  Wishon Golf has a head style called the 979 SS, and this iron head has two weight ports in it.  I am just about finished building (see picture above) a demo set of 6, 7, and 8 irons.  Here's what I did…

  • The Sterling iron heads will all weigh 275 grams, and have lie angles of 63 degrees – about the standard head weight and lie of 8 irons.  I added 16 grams of weight to the 6 iron head and 9 grams of weight to the 7 iron head to get to 275 grams for each head, and bent each iron to a 63 degree lie.
  • All three clubs are 36-1/2 inches long, and I have adjusted them so that the MOI of each club is the same.  I used FST 115 gram A/R flex shafts and tip-trimmed each so that I could create the same flex (a soft R flex) for each club.
  • I built the 6 iron wth 28 degrees of loft, and used 4 degree loft increments for the 7 and 8 irons (not the same lofts as the Sterling irons, but close).

So There You Go – a set of demo single-length irons to hit!  I caution that these are not a perfect simulation of the Sterling iron designs – but they can at least give golfers a sense of the feel of hitting constant-length irons.

If you have any interest in learning how single-length irons might help your game, contact me at tony@gameimprovementgolf.com, and you can give these demos a test drive!

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