FEELING The Clubhead – The Hidden Edge….

Almost everyone who I have done a fitting for lately has received some significant benefits from identifying the right weight feel for their clubs. And it does not go one way only – sometimes adding more weight is the key, sometimes reducing weight is what makes the clubs pay better.

Some examples include….

1. Adding 8 grams of head weight to irons and seeing ball flight trajectory increase significantly.

2. Adding just a few grams to a club and seeing impact go from off center to dead in the center of the club.

3. Increasing the MOI of a driver and learning that the player can now “feel” the head and control it.

I think all of this makes sense……………..but I think for a reason you may not think. I think we all inside are attempting as best as possible to hit the golf ball on the center of all of our clubs. And we do the best we can to adjust our swings with the clubs we have to make this happen. But when we get the RIGHT club weight feel, then we allow ourselves to “go on automatic” in terms of hitting the golf ball – center contact becomes effortless, more distance and consistency results.

I am working to get some new equipment into my fitting in the next month or so. When I do, I will be able to measure how open the clubface is at impact, and what the actual path of the club is as it approaches the ball. Once I can do that I will be more easily able to see how club head weight and also shaft weight affect club path and club head contact with the ball.

Bottom line…………..just a few GRAMS of head weight can result in significant improvements in ball striking!


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