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A few weeks ago a good friend asked me to set up a club fitting for his grandson – age 9.  This is actually the first fitting I have done for a very young golfer, but I had some ideas of what we would do in the fitting.  For sure, we would not be cranking up the Flightscope and measuring swing speed, etc.  I am definitely a "softee" for young kids (having three grandchildren, and one more on the way), and we had a great experience that I think is going to help him enjoy his golf.

What we did was focus on the following:
  • First of all, be sure to fit the right club lengths for him – to get him into a comfortable, athletic posture when he swings them.
  • Soft and light.  I used Wishon S2S Green AA shafts in irons, and Wishon S2S Ruby Lite AA shafts in woods.  I used tip trimming instructions and they turned out to be soft flexes.  And the club swingweights were all in the "A" range, appropriate for a young golfer just learning the game.
  • I had a 15 degree Wishon head (older model) that he liked, and purchased a Wishon 730 CL 21 degree fairway wood head.  I also purchased Wishon 765-WS 7 and 9 iron heads (wide sole for forgiveness), a Wishon PCS Micro sand wedge, and a Wishon putter.
  • His driver is 38 inches long, fairway wood 37 inches long, 7 iron is 34-1/2 inches long and less for the other irons, and his putter is 30 inches long.  I put junior size grips on all of the clubs.
My friend and his grandson picked up the clubs on Sunday and the young boy loves the feel of them.  I said we could extend them (to longer lengths) in the future as needed, and also could put bigger grips not the clubs.  He and his granddad were beaming.  I am willing to bet he will find it easy to hit these clubs (watch out, granddad!).
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