Seven Golf Club Set!

A Great Custom Fitting For A

Seven Golf Club Set!

Seven Golf Club Set

I made a great new friend recently – Mike Gailey from Piney Creek, North Carolina.  Mike asked me to help him create a unique golf club set for him.  He gets to play 9 holes most mornings, on a hilly course.  He has some back problems, but still likes to walk and carry his clubs.  So he has been playing with a seven golf club set – and wanted a set where there are approximately 30 yard gaps between clubs.  It was a lot of fun to help him get what he desired – and this is what we came up with….

  • First, a SeeMore putter – about 3 inches shorter than the putter he was previously playing with.  His old putter had a very heavy swingweight, and he had trouble "getting the golf ball to the hole."  Not any more!
  • Second – three Sterling Single Length irons – a 5 hybrid, 9 iron, and gap wedge.  He loves these, says he hits them very straight, and they have the gapping he was looking for.
  • Third – two Edel wedges – 60 degree and 64 degree lofts.  These are an inch shorter than his Sterling irons.  Just what he hoped for!
  • Finally – a Wishon Golf 18 degree 2 hybrid iron – with the same shaft in it that is in his other irons.  He can it this off the tee and in the fairway.

There is no big moral to this post today – other than, for me, it was really great fun helping Mike get what he needs to help him play better golf.  Now Mike – about that future hole in one!

ONE MORE THING! – my next published podcast interview will come out on Tuesday April 25 (not the 24th) – in case you were wondering on the 24th…

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