Square Clubface – Straighter and Longer Shots!

Can Having A Square Clubface

At Address Really Matter?

Square Clubface

Well, having a square clubface at address was not going to be today's blog post topic – but the fitting session I just finished was just too neat to not talk about!

I am working with a good golfer who had surgery 2 years ago and who is getting back into golf.  We have been doing an hour-at-a-time fitting.  Today was the second session.

Almost all of his shots have been a small push or a little slice to the right.  We tested a number of different shafts, heads, lie angles, lengths.  Just about every shot to the right.

This type of shot pattern usually results from a face-to-path difference often in the range of 6 degrees.  For him, often path 4 degrees left, face 2 degrees right.

SO! – I wondered – could he actually be aiming his clubface to the right?  We checked – and for HIM this was important.  He did not realize he had his face open at address. Square face – smaller face to path difference at impact – straighter shots – more distance – almost immediately.  Now he is going back to practice this and get it locked in – and we will be able to finish the fitting in our next session.

Little things, little things – how much they can matter never ceases to amaze me!


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