The Golf Improvement Podcast – Year 1!

Custom Club Fitting, Short Game Improvement, and

Effective Practice Techniques!

GIG_2Has it really been one year since the launch of The Golf Improvement Podcast?  It hardly seems that long.  Here is the breakdown of the content from this first year:

  • 27 episodes
  • 9 on custom club fitting, 7 on putting improvement, 10 on effective practice techniques, and 1 welcome
  • Most importantly – 24 interesting and terrific experts who did interviews!

My thanks to EVERYONE who did a podcast interview with me this year.  I hope you listeners had as much fun learning from each and every interview as I did.

Below is a link that will take you to all of the Year 1 Podcasts:

     Link To The Archive For Year 1 Episodes Of The Golf Improvement Podcast

And for those of you who wish to subscribe through iTunes to listen to The Golf Improvement Podcast – Click HERE!

This coming Tuesday I do the first interview for Year Two – and already have 5 terrific interviews scheduled.  I hope you keep listening!

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