027 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Dr. Debbie Crews Interview – The Yips!

Helping Golfers Understand The Yips!

Debbie CrewsWelcome to Episode 27 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Interview with Dr. Debbie Crews –  Performance Mind Management

  Your Story – how you became interested and engaged in studying the yips.

  What do golfers need to know about the causes of yips.

  In your scientific studies of the yips, what have been the biggest surprises you have found?

  What are successful approaches golfers can take to continue to play with, and sometimes cure, the yips?

  What are some final takeaways for golfers who are dealing with the yips in their golf games?

  AND COMING SOON – your new web site – Yips.Us!!

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