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New Putting Improvement Book Available Next Week!

MMP cover jpegAbout a year ago it was my pleasure to develop a friendship with Juan Gutierrez – who was the 2011 World Hall of Fame Putting Champion.  Juan is about to release a terrific new Putting Improvement book – "Make More Putts."  The print version of the book will be available on Amazon.com next week, and the Amazon Kindle version will be available soon after that.

The book is organized around four major tasks for improving your putting: a) Assessing Your Putting Skills, b) Decide Where You Need To Improve Your Putting, c) Creating A Practice Plan, and d) Putting Drills.  I particularly like the Putting Skills Assessment process that Juan proposes, and also the Putting Drills section includes 150 different drills that golfers can use in their putting practice.

I have been fortunate to review several drafts of Juan's book over the past few months.  About a week ago, I read the "final" draft of the book, and was struck by two drills that I realized would help me improve my putting:

  • Keeping The Gap Constant.  This is a drill designed to help golfers to keep their hands quiet during their putting strokes.  Without going into the full details, you have your hands facing each other (and about a half inch apart), rotate your shoulders back and forth, and attend to keeping the distance between your hands constant.  I could immediately see that this drill would help me keep my hands quiet during my stroke.
  • Alignment Rods!  In this drill you use two alignment rods – one on the ground parallel to your target path, the other in your front belt loops to help you align your hips to your target.  Then you stroke putts, and make sure the rod in your belt loops does not move – you create your stroke through your shoulders.  This was a light bulb thought for me – of course I should keep my lower body still, but I am not sure I had done that in the past.  

If you are serious about creating a plan to improve your putting that works – consider adding "Make More Putts" to your golf improvement library.  And watch next week for my podcast, when Juan and I will talk about putting improvement that works!

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